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    the bread on my tongue was stale. i distantly remembered that i had brought it home only a day ago, but as the yelling around me continued, i found that the taste slowly slipped away from my mouth.

    mom was screaming something at my grandma, and–typical of grandma–she whined something back. “i’m moving out soon,” i muttered against my glass…[Read more]

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    the crib she wove from starlight held the child aloft. his sleeping face was as bright as the glow of the moon, his cooing sighs as sweet as the sounds of the universe moving in harmony.

    “good night, dear one. i will see you in your dreams,” she told him softly, and then disappeared into the velvet black of space. in the obsidian dark, the…[Read more]

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    this was a measure with which she was accustomed.

    his eyes seemed to lick her up and down, calculating each curve and each valley and each and every disgusted fleck in her honey-bitter eyes.

    “done?” she hissed, and he seemed taken aback when he realized she was a living being, instead of a picture for him to peruse.

    he opened his mouth…[Read more]

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    “don’t go.”

    he didn’t turn around, though. as if he didn’t hear the child’s quivering voice, his square shoulders stayed like a towering dark shadow blocking the light. then, he moved away.


    with every timid syllable the child’s words dropped like stones, even in the silent halls after the man was long gone.

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    i am the prisoner to the molasses of your eyes
    trapped under each liquid league
    i swim deeper between siphoning glances
    and lie in the cradle of your gaze

  • Sorelliena commented on the post, fasting 5 years, 11 months ago

    Every second spends away is her attempt at fasting from love.

    Like knives the hunger digs into her parched, starving heart. Like words from a song she remembers the way love used to caress her ears, her lips, the retina of her eyes, and yet she waits and waits and waits. Soon, she promises. Soon.

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    it never occured to them that this could happen.

    from the vapor, the knives rained down like the heralding of the apocalypse, and screams filled the air. physiolomancy, the men shouted, fruitlessly trying to shoot the mist from the air. the enemy had an archmage, they cried, but the cries were cut short by a gurgling sounds of humans choking…[Read more]

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    I will send you shivers through your hips

    a terse touch and soft word plastered on your lips

    I will send you letters written in your sighs

    a gentle loving gesture in the valley of your thighs

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    cease your insistent caw and claw, your meow and howl, you insufferable cat. i have had enough of your haughty scorn and tactless, feline ways.

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    the way he stared was blank and empty.

    she trembled, her hands on the cup white and bloodless.

    “i believe it is time for me to go,” he said, and how polite his tone was shoved daggers into her breast. she watched him stand and turn without looking around, leaving the store and her broken heart behind.

    she sipped the drink and tasted…[Read more]

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    the stealth of your emotion
    sinks deep into my bones

    a heart like the ocean
    a cavern i call home

    between my ribs you pierce
    and part of my world you become

    and each time you express your love to me
    i come slowly undone