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    This time, he keeps his hand steady. It doesn’t shake, and for the first time in months he feels as though he has complete control over his actions and feelings. Everything he writes is premeditated and deliberate. He doesn’t hesitate or stumble, and when he finishes the letter, he doesn’t wonder for even a second if it’s incomplete. His…[Read more]

  • Sarah commented on the post, weakling 6 years, 4 months ago

    every attempt that she had make to get his attention had been in vain because it was clear he wasn’t listening. she scoffed and slouched over some in her chair, looking across at him. she frowned. it wasn’t her fault he wasn’t listening, that he was being immature, that she couldn’t get the message across to him that it wasn’t his fault, that he…[Read more]

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    the knock on the door went unheard over the noise in the kitchen. her laptop was on the counter and she was listening to that old “Untitled” playlist of hers that she forgot she ever made. it contained dusty songs that she hadn’t listened to in ages but remembered so distinctly and specifically that the nostalgia surrounding the kitchen – old m…[Read more]

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    the impending sense of must that he felt was gradually relieved with the scattered, half-hearted kisses that she placed with extreme precision on his neck, his collarbone, his chest. she progressed to his stomach, down by his hipbone, the small birthmark on his upper thigh. she was an expert, a goddess, though he could tell she didn’t care, that…[Read more]

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    The selection of books in the library was overwhelming and he didn’t know where to begin. He scanned over rows and rows of books, carelessly judging each one by its cover. He had no regrets about this – although he did leave empty-handed. His selection had been vast, but his choices limited. He would have to check somewhere else.

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    i think about things too much. that’s something most people will say. they think about work or school or that their wife is cheating on them or that they procrastinate too much or that they’re worthless and they’ll never achieve their hopes and dreams or that it’s too cold out or what will I have for dinner or how much longer is he going to be or…[Read more]

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    All he wanted was the opportunity to prove everybody wrong, and to say he never got it was an understatement. Everybody was so wrapped up in how right they thought they were, that _he_ was considered wrong for […]

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    It was an intriguing concept. More importantly, it was one that made sense. He had a blueprint–okay, so, he didn’t have it on paper, but he did have a plan that was concrete and sounded organized and clever and […]

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    There had been seven reports of assault in the city in the past three days, which was an unusually high number and warranted an explanation. So the lead detective was obligated to sit down, stare at all seven […]

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    His methods for coping were scattered concepts that only fell into place during their execution and frequently involved panic attacks, crying, or feeling an overwhelming urge to punch a wall. Sometimes, though, he […]

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    He felt that they were going to have to cut their losses. There was no way they would be able to keep going like they had been, and to withdraw completely appeared sometimes more valiant than stubbornly fighting […]

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    His eyes shifted over toward the cabinet every few minutes, even though he was trying not to look. For the most part, the action was subconscious and unwarranted, and while he didn’t notice, Marina did. His […]

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    Always, always, always, making a statement was the last thing on his mind. Yet somehow, when he spoke, his words carried messages–bold ones–ones that accumulated and, yeah, somehow morphed into statements. […]

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    When he looked to his side, the cup holder was empty, and that was what signaled to him that she had left. He shifted his gaze upward, which confirmed that she had left, and he wondered briefly to himself how he […]

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    His fuse was short. He was defiant. He had a fiery temper, and little patience, which was something that didn’t always work for him, although he never really tried to make it.

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    The ambulance had been taking too long to arrive and people were starting to worry. Sam, who had recently overcome his habit of biting his nails, picked back up right away, chewing his nails to the quick. Renee, […]

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    The decorations were almost all in place, in order, arranged just the way she wanted them to be. Each balloon was blown up with exactly seven large breaths. The streamers were each three meters long and wound six […]

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    He was thinking about the view. He knew better than to do that. He knew he was going to psych himself out, but he couldn’t stop looking, and the chills he was getting didn’t help. He shuddered. Looked back down. […]