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    Stacey was trying her hardest. She had been practicing for days on end to get into the top division for swimming. If she won this, then she would go away to a big competition.

  • The small child was jumping on the bed. His mum came in and told him off and sent him to do chores as his punishment.

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    It was tedious, the road was winding and winding down. It was hard not to get dizzy. I closed my eyes for a minute, then opened them up again. No, i wasn’t dreaming, it was real.

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    When i looked across the street, i could see straight into Susan’s kitchen. She was slaving away over a boiling pot, frantically cooking because her relatives were coming to visit.

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    The marching band strutted down the busy streets to celebrate Independence Day in America. There were floats and other parade items too.