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    I gasped in shock, more surprised than hurt as it registered. I wasn’t quite sure what had happened, but now, potruding from my heart was a metal sword, it’s sharp spike stuck right though me. All these things went through my head as I fell over, dying.

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    The force psuhed against me, the will of the others ,there was no way to refuse. I had to do it. For them. For him. For me. But it didn’t mean I wasn’t scared. oh no. I was bloody terrified, but I did it anyway. I put myself out there. I sdaid hey. This is […]

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    The stalight riaings down on me from its perch in the sky. I stare up at it as it falls around me, each prick is like a heavenly blessing. The night sky is lit with streams of silver light, falling elegantly to slam on the ground in a mulittude of shattered hopes.

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    A century ahs passed since I last saw you. A long century through which I lost my mind. And i don’t know how you took it. But the years were not kind to me. And now I’m sat, staring at your photo, wondering. Are you still there? Are you still out there somewhere, waiting for […]

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    Pounding along the track, engine burning, soot exploding out of the funnel. My hair is pushed away from my face as it approaches, I stare at the track just in front of it. I wonder, will it hurt. I guess I’ll never rteally know until the instant it happens. But then the train has passed […]

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    the seat creaked as Will found it a sluped into it. The cracked leather groaning under his exhausted weight, he frowned and scratched his brow. It was wrpmg that he had been reduced to this.

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    Snap. THe neck cracked like a whip in my hands, breaking cleanly in two. I grinned and whirled round to smash my hand into another’s head. I was on full alert, nothing could distract me from this instictual killing frenzy that gripped me. Snap.

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    Stand! Stand with me and fight, stand with me and see a better Britain rise! Stand with me and maybe we can restore trust and honesty to our country. Stand with me and together we will make a fairer Britain. Stand with me and someone else will get into power.