• sonneillon commented on the post, crow 6 years, 9 months ago

    Deep set stone steps flicker with the light
    Of swaying tree branches and city swept

    Brown and red, sticking in crannies and gutters and
    Slick from the morning mist, these autumn fingers and hands
    Find their grip against closed shop doors.

    Those little scratching feet leave their mark
    Like animal-shaped shadows
    As their voices…[Read more]

  • Trailing fingertips
    Find fine lines and smooth shapes
    Against warming skin.
    Slow breaths punctuate the air
    Until a curve is struck,
    Releasing a gasp
    And a mouthful of words
    And teeth and
    Sound and

  • sonneillon commented on the post, welfare 6 years, 10 months ago

    Tendrils and spinning webs
    find their home in crooks
    and crevices
    In the hard rock
    And crushed sea shells.
    You reach out your hand –
    I find your fingers, navigating the
    Ground below.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, claims 7 years ago

    It’s that hard slam against shoulder,
    Side, elbow, as you collide
    Setting off a vibration that travels from
    Your toes to the tips of your fingers
    That leaves you breathless.
    It’s that dizzying feeling down South-East-West-oh-God and
    You’re stuck with the shakes
    And his name on your tongue
    As he claims your lips.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, husband 7 years ago

    Mary leans over the pot of boiling water, prodding the pasta with a fork. The steam sticks to her face, and clings to her eyelashes.

    When the front door creaks open, only then does she turn away from the meal. His broad shoulders are framed by the kitchen door, suitcase at his side. A smile breaks out across her face, as the water overflows…[Read more]

  • sonneillon commented on the post, murder 7 years ago

    You’re like a storm —
    Lightning eyes, and rough cheeks
    Soft sweep of lips
    And a golden glow that peeks out
    Between jeans and shirt.
    It’s this constant fight
    To keep my fingers to myself
    And your lazy smile
    Leaves the fastest beat,
    Squeezing the air from my lungs
    With a suppressed gasp. A stutter.
    I’m drowning and hoping.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, systems 7 years ago

    You rip it from me —
    Your fingers grasping
    I can hardly believe it.
    Like cables snapping,
    I short circuit and shut down.
    Slow, contemplated,
    You break me down,
    Leaving me breathless
    With only the quick skip
    Of my heart.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, features 7 years ago

    Lips, tongue, mouth
    Fall against my own
    In a furious tug of war
    Eyes, hair, skin –
    Soft – and I can feel you talking
    Through your fingertips
    And the vibration of your body
    Against mine.
    Trailing sparks over your arms,
    You shiver and gasp
    In a goodbye,
    In a surrender I’ll never forget.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, swell 7 years ago

    Like insurgents running from the shore
    Chasing and panting,
    It slides and captures. Cunning and
    Crazed, it grabs onto boots
    And flying limbs,
    Itching to pull them under.
    Icy fingers twitch, beckoning them closer,
    To show them the green and slippery
    Graves below.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, visitor 7 years ago

    Seconds pass;
    Slow and calculated
    Shadows drift and settle
    On stone walls, and walkways.
    But with each city beat
    Footsteps follow;
    Calm, rushed, frenzied –
    A confusion of sound
    Falling to a dull rhythm
    Of the cement heart.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, cool 7 years ago

    A breath across your skin
    Leaves goosebumps
    And slow shadows creep
    From between the blinds
    Over dimples and curves
    Finding a home along
    Your spine
    And in your hair.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, speak 7 years ago

    She slipped on the stairs,
    Slow and tumbling, the air thick
    And suffocating in her throat.
    With a scream and curse
    She slid, her fingers threatening at
    The shiny edges of the banister
    Before she landed with a soft
    Sigh, unable to

  • sonneillon commented on the post, ahead 7 years ago

    Shoes beat the road
    In a weird stacatto
    Of hard breaths and a catch
    That starts deep in the throat.
    Tripping feet and bloodless
    Try catch the cross beams
    Of passing cars
    But with a drop,
    Light curves over lips and hip and hair
    And the “no entry” sign ahead
    Blinks red and white
    and blue
    Before all sound stops.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, responsibility 7 years ago

    One deep breath. That’s all it took to move out of that hunched position on the floor.

    She lay flat on her back, staring at the ceiling, trying to get air to move in and out of her lungs and slow her crazy heart. She clutched at the ends of the carpet, her knuckles turning white with the tight grip, the nailpolish on her nails chipping.


  • sonneillon commented on the post, musical 7 years ago

    It’s a small mercy when your mouth clamps shut and instead, you talk with your finger tips and feather touch. My body hums, finding a beat, a rhythm in a silence of gapes and gasps. And with a slow fury, I am the one fighting for words, tripping and stuttering, grasping for that last sweet note.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, real 7 years ago

    Red wine lips smacked sweetly, sticky and tacky, leaving imprints on the glass. Once-white teeth glowered back at me. It was like she had bitten into some bleeding carcas and I struggled to keep my shiver of disgust hidden.

    Sitting before her made everything too real. She existed. This existed. My fingers battled silently in my lap, my leg…[Read more]

  • sonneillon commented on the post, visit 7 years ago

    Daybreak —
    Fingers find their way
    Through forest brush
    And finally settle
    Like lazy lizards
    On hot rocks.
    And like the trinkling streams,
    Those soft tendrils will whisper-walk,
    Visiting the dips
    And dives
    Leaving only the sighs of the

  • sonneillon commented on the post, applied 7 years, 1 month ago

    With feet propped up on the old oak table in her office, she applied her lipstick using a pocket mirror. The wood groaned under the weight of her legs, and with every shift, her leather boots creaked, adding music to the silence.

    The last of the day’s light filtered through the blinds. With a last dab and glance at her reflection, Audrey lifted…[Read more]

  • sonneillon commented on the post, destroy 7 years, 1 month ago

    I disappear.
    It’s your lips and the touch of
    Your trailing fingers
    That leaves a fire behind.
    Slow and awkward,
    A licking fire
    Finds its way to my hips
    And the back of my thighs,
    And with a sigh
    I collapse.
    I am destroyed.

  • sonneillon commented on the post, sound 7 years, 1 month ago

    With the hit and the stroke
    The lap and the pull
    The sound hit the shore.
    Fingers and foam
    Carved names on the sand,
    Leaving small reminders
    For footprints and the birds.