• I felt tricked the moment I laid my eyes on you. But damn it, I’d love to be a fool if that’s what I get in return.

  • Soare Apagorevo commented on the post, banker 3 years ago

    The banker was just having their normal day on the job. Customer, consult, give money, customer. Kind of like a never ending cycle of boredom and currency, at the same times, every single day, for every single year. They frequently wondered just when they’d have their “Eureka!” moment, or their light bulb above their head. They were /waiting/ for…[Read more]

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    Steps. Baby steps. Just little baby steps. Take a stride too big, and you could fall off the cliff. You cannot afford to do that, you must rise to the top. Even if by little baby steps. Besides, the greatest minds started with the smallest steps. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t raise a revolution by saying “I have a dream…” right out of the womb.…[Read more]

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    He trekked the path of ancients and ancestors long past
    Never looking back, but not quite looking forward
    He never expected to be on the same road, walk the same route, as his father
    As he made the journey to the house of old
    His ancestral home
    Well, home was a relative term
    It was more of a place of homage than anything…
    Where he c…[Read more]

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    “You can’t take me! I have a wife– I’ve got KIDS to support!”
    “Well then, this’ll teach you not to screw your life over again”
    “It wasn’t /me/, it was the other guy, the one who ran! The innocent never run, and I didn’t run.”
    “Just shut your trap and get in the damn car. Or I’ll make you”
    “Woah, calm down there, cop, no need to fire your…[Read more]

  • “And there you go class, thus ends the lesson and the slideshow– which I hope you enjoyed….” The professor chuckled to herself and walked back to the front, to unplug her laptop from the projector and fix her things. “Class dismissed!” She announced it so cheerily, it was as if she was a /student/ being dismissed. She had to be the happiest p…[Read more]