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    This house has been rented out for so long that we can no longer call it a decent home. It’s not as if mom and dad never wanted to raise us up here in this very house, but I think that their wanderlust has always got the better of them. I really wish that we’d grown up in this house though – it seems like a great place to keep many secrets.

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    Miss. I miss my family and my friends. Most days I don’t think about it because it just is, but some days it gets to me and I feel hollow inside – as if I’m completely unnecessary. It’s weird because I’ve always wanted to fly, but now all I’d like to do is to fly home.

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    Anytime I think of stuntmen, I would be reminded of Jackie Chan – Who has to be one of my favourite stuntmen ever. I think that this man is really amazing with the stuff that he does but at the same time I feel that if he doesn’t let up, he’ll die. I mean, look at all the accidents he’s gotten into before – they scare me!

  • Wintertime always begins with that strong gust of wind and the need to carry a spare jacket with me all the time. It starts of boots and hot beverages and thoughts of cuddles indoors. I love wintertime.