• Then I knew that this wasn’t going anywhere. The meeting itself has planted new seeds into my mind, so I may forget the old things. I reckon that this is one of your destructive plans; to make me forget who you […]

  • I couldn’t dwell on anything. They say you shouldn’t, but I had never felt so much longing to remember the bad things; to cry over mistakes; to go over everything in my mind. Just one memory. Just one.

  • Sherlock Holmes commented on the post, pits 7 years, 7 months ago

    I reflected back; deep into the pits of memory that hold me close to their chest until I couldn’t breath. I could feel nothing. All the images I saw were just frames of a stalling video player, or empty tapes.

  • There is an automatic reaction to something that shocks you. The way you had changed in the way you hadn’t startled me, and I begun to whirr my senses into that reaction. I closed my eyes delicately, but it made no effect to my thoughts.

  • You hovered first in the doorway, then gently stepped into the beam of light coming from the shattered roof boards. I saw your face turn with emotion slowly, but it did not change in entity. Your footsteps were light on the floorboards. I could barely hear you above the mouse in the corner of the […]

  • So there you were. Distinguished gentleman. I knew you for who you once were. But I could see you changed. Anyone could see that. However, I contemplated whether this was really you or whether there was something else hidden deep down that you wish not to show. I find it hard to believe that this […]

  • It’s a funny-looking insect, really. It just crawls back to forth like it has little destination. I know it does. It has a much direction as I do in my path to meet you. It’s a small amount of satisfaction, but nevertheless, omnipresent.

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    An ant crawled along the floor. It vibrated at my footsteps. It’s body was tiny, but the way it behaved epitomised the way we do. Humans never quite realise how alike animals and themselves are. But who am I to think I can change it?

  • There is a division between us. Last time I saw you, it was clear. There was something about the way you looked at my face. A kind of absence of thought. But again, it didn’t feel nasty or spiteful, but more uneasy. I didn’t know what to think at the time, but now I know […]

  • There was some pepper on a dark table in the middle of the room. It gave a contrast as it’s deep red shined into my eyes. Somehow it reminded me of what was to come. Red was a sign. The spice was a sign. Now I wanted all of it to stop. I thought consuming […]

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    You wore a silk scarf. It wrapped around your neck comfortably. I always remembered the scarf. It looked so soft and suitable on your skin. I feared the day I’d forget it, for this day was inevitable. I know silk. I know your silk.

  • I was transported to the place you told me to meet you. It was dark and the sun light was scattered through a hole in the roof. I knew this was the sort of place you would choose, but it was frighteningly absurd. Why couldn’t it have been somewhere more comforting to do this terrible […]

  • I miss you. This is the way it began and the way it will finish. I’m done with convincing myself that you will always be here. If you weren’t there at the start, then I don’t know what makes me think you will continue to remain with me. But you are not a lover, you […]