• solitary existence solitaire computer one woman game variations therein variations on the daily routine but never with anyone else. solitaire is a lonely game. solitary existence is a lonely thing, but i only know how to shake it up, not make it new.

  • nothing worse than feeling obsolete as a friend
    worn out
    who cares?

  • the only one i trusted for so long and in so many ways and now you just want to throw that away like it meant nothing to you like I meant nothing to you but you’re still the only one i trust the only one i love so much and yet i’m starting to see […]

  • head honcho bitches that sit around on their asses all day doing nothing and getting paid a ridiculous amount. they should be made to work as the bitches in fast food joints for 8 hours a day at least once a week, just to keep them in check and down to earth with how life […]

  • the digital age of technology bringing people together connections connecting us across the world across the ocean one country to another but no digital picture no digital sound can create a real feeling on a real person on his skin or in his arms maybe in his heart but maybe it’s just digital residue

  • structured days routine up at 9 (okay, maybe 10, sometimes 11) open the shades let in the sun be happy for a moment do some art food back to the art chats more art good music a cuppa hot apple cider and the last of the strong sunlight internet and movies close the shades keep […]

  • let’s try a different approach. i’ll be on my back, head off the bed, and you can go in from there. all the way in, all the way back until neither of us can stand it anymore. we’ll have so much fun baby, but the ending is the most satisfying part, isn’t it? oh yes, […]

  • whole total complete real existence self-actualisation fulfilment happiness

  • freewrite: on the heels of glory morning glory morning comes soft but soft what light through yonder window breaks don’t play in the house you’ll break the windows! open the windows let in some air fresh air of the valley of the meadow on the prairie free and wild waves like the water like the […]

  • wanderlust down a sunlight road into nowhere in the middle of nowhere surrounded by farmland across an ocean to lick a castle older than the house that’s older than my country into the deep blue sea to frolic freely with the dolphins and fishes up a snowy mountain to ski straight back down to the […]

  • littleblackbear commented on the post, wand 8 years, 7 months ago

    what a wand could do for us silly muggles
    fix-it here, top-up there, coffee’s never cold
    I could hold you all night in my arms
    with the blink of an eye and the turn of a heel
    but alas, I have no wand, no magic in me
    so 6000 miles away you’ll have to be

  • with your mossy green eyes: warm, inviting, down to earth just like the rest of you. with your gorgeous curly hair: you’re sex on legs baby, sex on legs. with your scent: how do i even describe how i love it? soft and sweet. with your skin: smooth and beautiful and hot to the touch […]

  • not here to make a statement
    not here to make a change
    not here to make a difference
    just want to stay the same
    just want to feel what i feel
    and be the way i am
    not here to make a statement
    just doing what i can

  • littleblackbear commented on the post, bee 8 years, 7 months ago

    busy busy busy bee
    dumble bumble about your day
    hum buzz hum buzz
    dumble bumble
    honey honey honey honey
    honey honey honey

  • swept away in something new something different
    cut it out glue it down don’t think about it
    faster faster too much planning
    faster faster faster faster!
    lose yourself in it
    be swept away

  • set an example for yourself
    do something different
    run with it
    challenge your creative side
    look at what they do and use it

  • out of
    a certain lack of
    maybe never had any
    when will I get some
    what is it about people and

  • final boarding call no turning back get on the plane and don’t come back for who knows how long and it hurts and i cried and i just want you in my arms on my lips between my fingers want to smell you want to hear you got on the plane and who knows if […]

  • “cheap as chips,” she says, “it’s all cheap as chips.”
    we fuckin’ love primark, because it’s cheap as chips.

  • you never got me a keychain with the welsh flag on it. i’m going to go downstairs right now, give you your coat, take you by the hand, and you’re going to buy me one. because you love me, and i started asking you for it 6 months ago.