• Sandra commented on the post, ratings 7 years ago

    Family rule is nothing worse than PG-13. What a battle that is! Redbox, Blockbuster, R R R. Everything is R. It’s not an easy rule to follow but breaking it always leads to disappointment. Why can’t movies be […]

  • Sandra commented on the post, pageant 7 years ago

    This dress is uncomfortable. My makeup’s not right. I’m afraid I’ll fall off the stage. I don’t think I know my song very well. These other girls don’t like me. I dread the talent competition. Mom, why do you make […]

  • Sandra commented on the post, torch 7 years ago

    I walk down the dark, dank tunnel and I can see the torch in the distance. I run to it; terrified of the sounds I hear, searching for light. I grab the torch just as I hear her blood curdling scream. Then the […]

  • Sandra commented on the post, staple 7 years ago

    Connecting.Pulling things together.That’s what a staple is. You’re the staple in my life. The connection.The thing that keeps me together. The things that holds me so I don’t fall apart. Your love is the staple of […]