• To the airport we go with suitcase and luggage ready for lift off.
    we jump on the plain and give it a look up
    then down.
    And realize holy craps thats a long way to the ground.

  • I gave her a shorthand essay about five speed fast. With words that didn’t rhyme or didn’t seem all too bad. I quickness in mind, a sharpness in skill. I used a shorthand to finish up and continue to fill. The […]

  • My dear man I am too old and too wise to fall for you boyish charms. I’ve lived through all the generations and grew up with men that were of no manhood at all. I’ve seen many come and go but by far you are the handsome.

  • I woke up this morning to see a bright sun shiny warm day.
    I make plans for a bon’ fire and to go out and have a great day
    and come to find out its suppose to end in a rainy day.
    How upsetting I am, what can I say.

  • In the riptide of all that’s coming in time
    the sounds of thunder come in so very fast
    with waves that hit the shores and make more than a splash
    get up and take a breathe of the fresh sea air
    after the storms […]

  • A memorizing scene when riding the bus I hear screams.
    A moment in time stops and the surroundings are captured.
    I turn to see what was such a fuss, and see a rapture.
    The earth was cracking and we were all […]