• He couldn’t help but notice her smell went stale, her eyes no longer glistened with life. Limp, stolen. Her laugh was almost a whispered sorrow. He held her tight, close, always. She thought of other places. Dreams, wishes.. Life.

    Her voice was within a voice, within a voice, struggle… struggling to escape the crevices within. Speak, speak;…[Read more]

  • Lips touch shoulder as I look back to watch you a little longer. Closer. Harder. I look back to memorize your movements, your smell, smile. My eyes, they shine for you.. My shadow doubles in size… I whisper to you.. “How did you become so brilliantly perfect?” Biting lower lip.. My head says back to me, “You’re surely lucky to have come across a…[Read more]

  • Her brow furrowed.. Hands upon my desk. She yells in my face.. closer, closer; closer to mine. I cannot help but noticed the beaded sweat collecting on her top lip as she instills what I’m lacking. Trying to comprehend my mistakes. I grin as to show no mercy. Her infuriated ways doubled. Her flesh boiled, eyes glaze over. I stand up. I stand. I leave.

  • Your breath danced around my naked flesh. I couldn’t apprehend how your lips felt as though they pierced my tender skin each time we connected.

  • she walked into this room. this room full of delightful colours. she glamours around. former clothes fall. new clothes gather, glorious. she sits crying, quietly. happy, to finally be the person she feels.

  • laughter holds, meaning, pause. love shares all, shelter. anxiety, i miss us. graces give all. smiles.. impeccable.

  • you look into the eyes, they eyes of mine. they taunt back. giggle, oh the giggle. remorse. none of that reflects, eyes, remorse, taunt. smile through, the light, bright.

  • your saliva. beats down. wholesome. i look past you, your still there. prance.

  • the tick of tock, drops- rain. smile leaks ground. “do you see me?” trace the look, sweet in innocence, a nod. “i feel you.” leaves, crunch- gold. “do you.. do you see me?” water, splash, chaos. “i know you.”

  • my hands move. move. still. my hands they stop. the thick goo layers my prints. everyone looking in, im no one. i looking out, there no one. they dont matter, i dont matter. these hands. my hands. they move. the goo fortells an image. you cry. you laugh. your angry. your frightened. i smile. my […]

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    look beyond. this image, this magical place. more then meets the eye. RAWR! the fire so hot, marshmellow falls and Splats to the floor. the shrills and giggles. horses and knights. love and glitter. reunite my king. reunite. my lord.. splat splat splash. its raining. reunite my king. “Children! come hurry grab your box!”

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    organs. eyes. love. life. you. me. it is all, we are nothing. we are all.

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    tap, tap. “you make my eye twitch when you do that.” twitch, twitch. laughter. “it makes it look better!” SMACK! “OW!! it does not, if you smack it one more time, i’m going to kick your shin.” flick. padder of feet echoes away. chases. catches. kick. “Ouch!! you said smack! not flick!”

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    when did it leave? i saw it once, but i forgot. tisk, tisk. silence stirs the room.. let the beings troll around, pick up the pieces. i saw it once.

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    i knew in my heart i was there, never to leave. deep, deep. love is all that grows. i knew we were going to be together, whether its next month or two years. echoes down, deep. love blossoms up. his face shadows mine. the tender touch. deep, deep. thud, thud, thump. i feel him. thud, […]

  • the gentleman walked over, i felt a slight touch tingle my shoulder. “hello again” i shuddered. “you left this.” smile. “i have been looking for that” conversation, conversation; conversation. “i should be leaving.. the time has ran so fast.” embrace. “is this goodbye?” nod. “you wont be forgotten.”

  • surrounded. tap, tap. secured. skips around.. walks passed. drunken lumber slurrs, “help me.” looks back. smiles.. “once your ready you can help yourself.” the fairy glitters follow in the path as she runs along, humming an off tune from her favourite song.

  • we once were. we are. never have been.. nothing is running in my mind. thats my lack of living today.

  • my knees burnt as i knelt on the scratchy surface. saddened eyes. how much longer she thought? tick, tick; tock. time is at a halt. maybe if no one is looking… skipped across her waves. takes a peek looks around. all staring. silly, silly. i know i cant get out of this. she wakes. “what […]

  • encounters peace, drip,drip;drop goes the serenity of giggled past. squueeeezze the essence of love out of the crevices and holes that defied my being. drip, drop; splash. all those whispered truths echo false in my ear. snip, snip, cut out of the space left to clean the dishes dirtied in my mind.