• Promises promises, what can I say of a vow as strong, and yet as weak, as a promise. Rules were made to be broken, but so too I think, were these urgent agreements. I promise to love you forever. Forever didn’t last very long.

  • I long to go. I long to live, to leave, and to know what it means to be a human being in this vast expanse of a world. But my fear, my responsibility, my rationality, they hold me back and say, “No no, don’t dare dream of such things. How will you live? How will you survive in your travels, your fantasies?”


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    What is there to say about the ground upon which I travel? It sinks slightly beneath the weight of my feet, heavy with my sorrows and light with my hopes. It holds so much and yet is so easily disturbed, it’s hard to imagine that it will last forever. Sometimes I wonder.

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    Rising up from the bottom of the river, she drags a block by the chain around her waist. She’s muddy and bleeding from the marks of the piranhas snapping at her flesh.

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    People are masses. We are matter that takes up space in the universe for seemingly no purpose other than to destroy the planet we inhabit. We area virus, slowly draining the Earth of its very core.

    Or maybe […]

  • I enjoy the stillness that comes with rain. I enjoy sitting in my basement while the sound of the little droplets splatters against my windows. I enjoy the light that the dark sky gives to everything indoors. The […]

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    Whether weather wither. Withering away like the last dying flower in a Valentine’s Day bouquet. Whether or not the last petal falls depends on how long the flower sits, decaying into compost. Rain falls down in vain.

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    We can sustain ourselves to an extent, but sustainability is not something I fully understand. I think, maybe, it means that you can support yourself. You can sustain your life? Maybe not, maybe I should have […]

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    I don’t believe in miracles but I believe in magic. I believe that if something happens that shouldn’t be able to happen, then that proves that the Earth still has a little spark of wonder in its atmosphere, like […]

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    I’ve just imagined humans as collages. We’re nothing more than images and memories pasted together to create one jumbled mess of experiences and moments that we either remember or don’t remember. Every moment is a […]

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    Even though I’ve never felt the texture of her hair, I imagine that it was as soft as the little lion she gave me for Valentine’s Day, and though I’ll never feel it, I still like to think of it that way, because […]

  • She tends to call me her darling. Her dove, her baby, all these sweet little nothings virtually whispered in my ear to soothe me and make me feel special. I shouldn’t be so upset, so desperate. After all, I ended […]

  • Salvation? There’s no goddamn salvation, what the fuck is this? There’s no saving this world, we’re all going down the drain, and yes I understand that this is a very negative way to think of things but…shit […]

  • Magazines are the glossed over face of the world, or at least what we perceive it to be. Magazines are supposed to tell us about the world around us, educate and inform. Now it’s just a series of glossy pages […]

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    I refuse to conform to this pathetic society’s standards of beauty, but I cannot refuse the chance to expand my mind. I refuse to be bullied into submission by the administration, but I cannot refuse the chance to […]

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    Carbon based life forms running around like chickens with their heads cut off, scrambling for purchase is this pathetic world of other carbon based life forms just like them, with minor differences in appearance […]

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    I look at the side of the building, the brick crumbling and decaying like a dusty corpse. It’s amazing, the way people let buildings die like this. Would they let a person, starving in the gutter, decay and fall […]

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    We are all pieces to a puzzle, halves to a whole, we are constantly searching for the other piece or pieces to the puzzle that will fill our need for interaction and connection to the others around us. We are […]

  • “Your methods for dealing with conflict are unhealthy, Ms. Mathers. What we’re here to do is find other ways with which to cope with your anger issues in a healthy fashion so that you do not harm yourself or […]

  • I make a statement. Hell, my very existence is a statement. I defy the norms of society in so many ways it’s scary. I like boys and girls, I’m a ginger, I lack basic ladylike manners, I curse like a sailor, but I have morals!