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    I have a certain kind of affection for your eyes in the morning. Like dusk; half open, half alive. Half moons. They steal my breath away – those crystalline pinks and slivers of icy blue in your sleepy irises. I wish to wake up to them every day.

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    She should speak up more. Shy girl, she should try harder. You should wash your hair more; you should look more like us. She walks so close to the lockers… where did she get that bruise? I saw her walking once under powder-blue skies. I don’t know which I said then: hello or goodbye.

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    i still hear the sound of you echoing through the hallway, when you’d tiptoe through at night. i still have the songs you downloaded to my laptop and i still listen to them. i still have your clothes in my wardrobe. they still smell of you. i still hear your placid voice whenever i sit in front of the cafe, where you’d turn the cup of coffee w…[Read more]

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    When I cry in my dreams, I cry so hard that I wake up with tears on my face. When I laugh in my dreams, I wake up laughing. What makes my dream life any less real than my waking life? What makes my waking life any less dreamy than my dream one? Everything I experience is as much imagined as it is lived.

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    When you live in another person’s pocket for long enough, it’s like you become one entity. I don’t ever want to become too attached to any one person or thing. I like being independent but now that I’ve met you, I feel like I’m far more attached than I want to be and that’s just kind of scary.

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    i don’t know what i’m supposed to write. god, i thought i was good at writing. i think i’m having permanent writer’s block. i haven’t even mentioned… mention… never mind.