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    In the end, I am the only audience of my work that really matters.

  • A Bananie commented on the post, policy 8 years ago

    Policy 71. RIGHT. Who ever gave a damn about it? It was funny how the students always found ways around the system, funnier when they THOUGHT they had found a way around the system, but got caught in the end.

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    The hole in my heart can only be filled with one thing. Only then will I be whole. My heart can’t possibly break when it wasn’t even whole to start with, so I wait until that day comes, when I can fully possess my heart.

  • A Bananie commented on the post, obsessed 8 years ago

    I don’t remember that feeling, but perhaps it was obsession. I felt like I could have been obsessed with FC, and it didn’t seem like a healthy obsession. Is any obsession healthy? In the end, I just wanted a little more of FC…just a little.

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    She flips through her scarves to pick the best one for today. There is a black one that her mother gave her, a red one that’s always been her favourite, and a white one that she couldn’t resist getting after falling in love with it at first sight. There was just something about scarves that […]

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    “We are going,” said the girl firmly. The three words didn’t come in the form of a question; she didn’t need to ask for his opinion, for what she said was a statement, in it representing her anger, her disbelief, and her disappointment.

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    His eyes follows the butterfly, and he wondered how they could fly so elegantly in the rose garden. Then a net catches the beautiful creature and it was trapped, no longer able to flutter about the field of blood-redness. What now? He wondered.

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    Busy bee, flocking from here to there like a popular queen. Secretly she was lonely, and she needed the distraction to make her feel that she was loved, that she fit in. A party here and a party there, yet she was always by herself, even with tens of people around her. She wasn’t really […]

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    I almost did it again, but I held back this time. After all, how many times had I tried to sever ties with someone I loved so that I wouldn’t be hurt again? The result was always more pain – what a stupid thing to do. I will not make that same mistake again.

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    One little look, one sweet smile, and he totally swept me off my feet. And he doesn’t know it. He doesn’t know how much I treasured those short moments spent with him while walking home in the dark. He doesn’t realize how much I miss him when he’s away. He doesn’t see that my heart […]

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    There really couldn’t be a better example of hypocrisy than what she had demonstrated.

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    Courage and self-control. When she needed the courage, she didn’t have it, thankfully. If she did, then she would have gone out of control and hurt the one she loved. Now that she has courage, she has to learn how to exercise control. Even if all the courage in the world urges her to tell […]

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    Finally, it was time to come back, but it was also time to leave. The two instances just had to crash, and separated again for months, she could wait until she finally goes back. Those final moments were so hard to bear, yet the next final days will be filled with so much anticipation that […]

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    She bows her head in prayer, with eyes closed and a pure heart. She wanted to put some people in her prayers, but she wasn’t very specific. After all, God knows, right? Or did He want her to confess the one she cared for the most?

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    It’s all basic knowledge, isn’t it? Why don’t you get it? It doesn’t seem like it can get simpler than this. Yet you make the same mistake over and over again and end up making a fool out of yourself. Why are you so stupid?

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    The keys come and go, but the keychain stays. It has seen keys of many sizes and shapes, many colours and styles, yet the hand holding it tightly never changes.

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    She’s heard it a million times. Be strong and don’t cry. What’s wrong with crying? Is it so detestable to let emotions flow out instead of holding it all in, pretending to be all fine with a big smile on her face? For once she just wanted to tell them to shut up and leave […]

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    In one moment, the tables have turned around completely. A sure win has transformed into a devastating situation where all they wanted to do was escape intact. Where did they go wrong? Had not the plan worked perfectly up till this moment? It was the guilt and fear in their hearts that ate them alive.

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    Strands of hair fall on the ground as he works his tools delicately on his customer, as if they were shedding a part of their lives.

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    Clutter piles up on the lab bench day after day, ever growing and strangely no one knows where all this clutter comes from. It remains a mystery in the chemistry lab.