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    I’ll visit, she had said, at the very beginning of it all. I’ll come see you every day.

    He’d nodded and grinned and expected nothing less.

    At first she did come. She came and they laughed and when she left, it was to close the door gently behind her with a last glance back at his slumped figure on the couch, only his head visible from under…[Read more]

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    he had her at hello.

    she blinked once, twice, sharp words frozen on her tongue as he proceeded to tilt his head curiously and smile at her. slightly thrown by his greeting, she frowned and looked away with a small huff.

    he waved a thin, elegant, hand in front of her face – fingers still tapered gently, she noted, slender and graceful like…[Read more]

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    “Our fates were stapled together,” she smirked. “Our lives were intertwined.” Then she leaned forward and ruffled his hair reassuringly. “But I broke the curse, you know? So you die and I’ll die. But if I die…you’ll survive.”

    He shook his head frantically, his eyes widening in silent horror as he understood. “So that’s why-”

    She nodded and…[Read more]

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    Manhattan, with its tall shivery buildings held in embraces of cold stone and silver glass, frozen in repose over the night sky and distant horizons. She loved Manhattan with its last two syllables tripping over each other on her tongue and the small personal cafes with their walls of warmth defrosting her face after a battle with the chill wind.…[Read more]

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    Her face is nestled against his shoulder; she’s burrowed into the warmth and safety of his embrace. She’s long since stopped sniffling, and her quiet huffs and jerky movements have gradually melted away into soft and quivering breaths. Her long hair is mussed and tangled, itchy against his neck. Her tears have dried on her face, but his shirt…[Read more]

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    She’s standing at the very edge: eyes focused on the churning water below, the turbulent white-capped waves that tossed and turned as if the ocean were a sleepy child caught in the throes of a terrible nightmare. It would be so easy, she thinks. It would be the easiest thing in the world: to step into that cold embrace, to let yourself sink to the…[Read more]

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    The end is near, they told her, and that was partly what enabled her to go on.
    She looked them in the eye and reiterated: “I don’t want to die.”
    Their reply was simple: “Then don’t let it end.”

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    she loved the smell and the feel and the look of blank paper. she raised her eyes from the sheet of white in front of her and breathed a happy sigh. the sky outside her window panes was foggy, with gray clouds and […]

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    “act like civilized human beings, please.” she snapped, and both boys, wearing large grins on their faces, turned to look at her.

    “but that’s no fun,” they pouted in unison.

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    she hesitates- one crucial second gone. her dagger’s diverted, whereas moments ago it would have buried itself deep into his chest. she shakes her head. it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter anymore, nothing […]

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    people bury the things they loved most of all, so it can’t hurt them anymore, but as she stares out into the foggy crystal sky she wishes that she hadn’t. so what if remembering hurt even more than silence? at […]

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    do the angels smile when they
    peer down upon the squalid earth?
    and feel fortunate that they reside above in
    heaven? or do they cry raindrops and shed icy
    water like pearls onto our glossy, innocent existence?

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    A modicum of apathy filters through
    this blank space, this empty hollow
    this memory of fated serpents,
    twisted, twining, curling in cyclo-
    hexanes of infinitesimally tiny
    lives, wrapping and choking and […]

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    I could be nominated for the world’s biggest coward. I only know that I would never get anywhere if I didn’t act. Yet the opportunity slipped by and I remained there, crouching, afraid, unsure, guilty. I was […]

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    She was like a swan: beautiful and gentle and slender with such consummate grace. And just as unapproachable. Her hair was as white and as pure as a blank piece of paper, yet unused, and her dark eyes shimmered […]

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    His hands trembled slightly. He leaned over, fought against his conscience, and finally picked up the diary. It lay limp and fragile and dusty in his hands. A chronicle of someone else’s life: a privacy that he […]

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    “tell me a lie.” she said shortly, her expressive green eyes begging for understanding, trying to communicate something when even she herself didn’t know what she was trying to say.
    “a lie?” he said thoughtfully. […]

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    who am i kidding? ghosts are not real. they simply float in the corner of my vision, like a rainy day that has lightened into slight sprinkles, until all that is left are the puddles, flowing over the drenched […]

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    “she disappeared yesterday, right?”
    “really? i haven’t heard.”
    “it was the usual crime.” her voice was hushed, almost as if she was imparting a terrible secret. “she had it, you know? the-” she couldn’t bring […]

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    “i’d like to catch you like i’d catch a falling star” he mused.
    she huffed. “i’m not a maiden in distress or the damsel in disguise. i’m a tomboy, and you better get that straight before i become violent.”
    “i’m […]