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    Funny after being gone so long today is bagel. I say that as yesterday on April Fool’s I made some. Handmade bagels. I love those things. I never realized how much bagels and pretzels have in common until I made my bagel. Ugly things. Tasted good but ugly as sin. I think I need that bagel press so they flop into the water nicely.

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    They really need to get better words, also I would suggest a little more time. This minute or so after a while palls and I can’t say that it does much for writer’s block either. I think a random word with a dictionary meaning would do more than this — perhaps I should do that myself…also

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    Funny the word is cave today, as I just lost one of my favorite games, Cave Quest. It was a great game I really loved it. The sound effects, the journey, the whole thing was pretty good. So it totally threw me for a loop when I got Cradle of Rome and it was made by the same people! What luck.

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    What an odd word. I mean how often do you see the word flailing about outside of a book? I never hear anyone say, he was flailing and of course flailing must be with about. No one just flails does one? Interesting about that isn’t it. So I would say today I will have to look more into this flailing word.

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    Features. As in feature films. No that’s not features. What ae features? Must be features on a face, eyes ear nose as in drawing. The film is a feature presentation…there ae no features in a film other than like highlights. So features belong to a person, what co lour eyes, two or one? nose, lips, teeth, hair and ears. There ae features…[Read more]

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    cool. joe cool. remember him, the smoking camel? he’s gone. it’s not cool here, it’s downright cold. the temperature is 10 at night and a high of 25 which is a great improvement from those cooler, errr colder days of last week.

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    Don’t speak until spoken to.

    Is it me or do you notice that the blue line moves faster when you type?

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    Ahead of us is the whole year. Look A HEAD remember that sign where the the D fell into the margins. I think it was a big slogan in the sixties, the late sixties. My father loved it as he thought most people were short term thinkers …hey he would love what happened in this country today with budge deficits an wars without end……….

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    Someone is coming to visit. Guess who is coming to dinner. One Wednesday we are getting a visitor– well not really. She is a customer. We are getting a new customer for two meatbirds and some eggs. I hope that she does not visit for long. She was a yapper on the phone.

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    There is a quote out there, that I saw on a list, that had something about destroy. I remember writing to the gal who wrote it and asking her about, Wreak, Havoc, Destruction, my work is done. Or was it havoc, destruction, woe? Gee it’s going to bother me now. Destroy that….no belay that matie.

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    The sound of silence. Sound of Music. Sound, noise, music. One man’s sound is another man’s music — John Cage. TIme’s out. How did that happen.

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    Choose. Choice. These days my life is filled with little to choose from and less than good choices. I am in a bad cycle of life. Hard to believe when just a few months…or was it years ago i was on the top of the world. How quickly things change. I am not sure that I would choose this…that’s for sure.

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    In one clean sweep everything was a mess. Hard to believe. Everything fell to pieces as though a vulture swooped down and brought chaos…Cry Havoc! A clean sweep…a street sweeper. Sisyphus, pity. Heigh ho.

  • sigo commented on the post, size 7 years, 1 month ago

    the size is medium. the loss is great.
    my life my things my stuff
    is gone.
    like people things have memories
    keepsakes..now lost.

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    Free as in speech, not as in beer. GPL.

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    The end. Many ends. Ends and odds or is it odds and ends? Yes its odds and ends. Ends ends it. Odds begin in. In the end….Finis. Who know what comes next. Does anything come after the end? Or perhaps the end is really the new beginning. Ah the metaphorical issues involved…in the end.

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    Watched Django and Herr Schultz in Candieland. Leo DeCaprio was master of his domain. Alas Leo cannot act. Pity. But I think the pretty boy is not a master of his emotions, too much women, not enough thought. Odd movie. Where’s Clint Eastwood when you need him?

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    One word for Politician — Unmentionable.

  • sigo commented on the post, promise 7 years, 1 month ago

    I promise…what a great word for the New York. A resolution a promise. Promises made, promises not kept. Is it easier to break a resolution when you do not think it’s a promise? Are promises to yourself not as bad to break while those to others are horrendous?

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    It’s rather late that my step or is it half? How does that work? Well it’s rather late that my brother Mike put up the family photos. Not late for me but late for my mother who wold have loved to have seen them. Late for us who could have used physical support in the way of photos and tangible evidence of a family never met, never seen, just out there.