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    Janeen - - "I have no idea how to get around this site, how to connect with anyone on it. But I’m hooked. I can’t wait to find out what the word for the day is. I don’t make it on everyday, but I try […]"View
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    girlanachronism23 - - "He used to see my fear and doubt and hold me till it went away. He traced fingers on my back, kissed my hair, pressed his feet on mine and told me the reasons why he loved a fucked up girl like me. I felt safe. I felt loved. It felt right. He offered the promise of being the one constant in my life and the person I could depend on when I felt vulnerable. I fell for his charm and caring demeanor that seemed to go hand in hand with his love for me. He always treated me like I was precious to him and that he wouldn’t be careless with my emotions. He told me he would do anything to put a smile on my pretty face, and I believed him because he always tried and despite the hurt I buried inside – he could succeed. Not because he said the right things or made everything better, but because of the simple fact, that he wanted to try. But everything has changed since then. And my fear of abandonment and broken trust amplifies; knowing that he is no longer a constant in my […]"View
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    eratosings - - "At a glance, No one can truly understand Yet they assess And they collect And then they form And there it is, You’re filed away Already figured out in this person’s brain. Lately I’ve been trying not to glance Trying to just look And see Really see But it isn’t until You’ve gotten to know someone for awhile That you really see. And that takes time And time is something most people don’t […]"View
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    subtlewhispers - - "My body aches for a warm bed But I won’t let it rest It doesn’t understand It will never see There’s a paradise inside my mind One that’s bursting to be set free The words pour out my fingers Making my knuckles dance They’re trying to sing the song of the desperate Quickly they release their silent chant This is a poem for an artist A melody for a madman For when the body aches for contentment Is when true creation […]"View
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