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    I could never go down to the river to wash clothes by myself. Ever since my younger brother, Elric, drowned that one day three years ago. I would always have to bring Mommy or Aunty with me.

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    A little globe floating
    above all the hearts
    of all the souls–
    changing colors with feelings,
    emotions flowing
    into each other
    feeding off of each other.
    Keep your aura clear
    then your soul shall be seen.

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    Do you remember that time in your life when you decided not to be righteous anymore? You decided to rebel just to see how it felt. “It’s just this moment,” you told yourself. “I am still good every other time.”

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    Remember that time
    when all you had to think
    about was what made you happy &
    what made you happy actually made
    you happy except
    for that one inch
    in the back of your brain telling
    you there is more out there? And
    now that you are grown & learned
    happiness is a little more
    than arm’s length away & you’re looking
    back thinking:…[Read more]

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    I used to think that when you cut your hair, no matter how much was cut off, you became a new person just a little bit. In some way you could see the world differently, but only for a day or two or three and then you adapted to the change… that new part of yourself became just another part added to the bunch.

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    He never knew what it was like to have a god. His parents never taught him to praise one more than the other. His parents taught him that we are all equal. Worship himself, and he worships everyone; worship everyone, and he worships himself.

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    There comes a certain point in your life where you begin to look back at everything you have done. You can search back to a time where your innocence had been untouched & then fast forward to points where this innocence has been lost. And you decide whether life was better then or now.

  • I’ve never felt so imprisoned in my life and I am supposed to be happy. I am supposed to be in love but what did this come to but you controlling me with my weaknesses so that you don’t have to feel alone and unloved.

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    I used to think butterflies were scary. Their eyes were so big and that little curly thing (that I never knew the name of) looked like it wanted to suck fluid out of me if given the chance. I always tried to catch them, though, and conquer my fear of something so delicate and harmless.

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    I wouldn’t like it if you said “jump” right now
    as I stand on the edge
    of civilization and something that means
    “help.” I never knew the roles would flip
    and someone would be trying to fix me instead.

  • I was always comfortable where I was,
    had been doing the same
    thing since I was 5. Go
    to school, study, learn
    useless shit. And when that pattern
    was finally interrupted
    at age 23, what then?
    I was in new territory and
    I knew nothing.

  • I don’t like it when I don’t know. “Just let it happen,” she always said. “Don’t worry. Just go with the flow.” She had the ease of knowing herself in the present and not thinking of her reactions in the future.

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    He played the notes of his melody– a melody he created from his very first piano when he was still learning all the world had to offer. This is when he still believed nothing bad could break him, but he was proved wrong.

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    Why is it that so many want wealth
    when everything we need to live
    is already right in front of us?
    We have the earth, the wind,
    the trees, the rivers.
    We have our families, our
    friends. We have
    ourselves. Love
    is all around us and all
    we need.

  • If you hold your breath,
    your mind,
    hold it still,
    you will then begin to feel
    the breathing of
    the wind
    the trees
    the fallen leaves and
    you wonder
    how you can be more like them.

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    Of all the places I thought I would find lint, in my ear was not one of them. I had been living with lint in my ear for a decade now, and no one had bothered to tell me. That is until I met my sister’s next husband, Randy.

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    He was in his prime years as a fighter. No longer was he finding random brawls out on the street to satisfy his hunger. He looked deeper into a world where no one looks back and everyone presents a challenge.

  • I am always going unnoticed. Is it because I don’t feel the need to be loud? I don’t see the need to always be heard. Because even if I became loud, even if I was always heard, will there always be someone listening?

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    I couldn’t tell you who started all of this. It has been growing for centuries and it has yet to encircle us all. Why do such things as rumors and lies catch so easily, when the truth is still buried so deep beneath us?

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    And I knew there was nothing in my life quite like where I was now. Completely leveled and unworried. I had finished such a big step, but hesitant to move on until I became satisfied with just being content.