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    He looked at her and swore his teeth would rot. The amount of kindness she stored inside her soul was sickening. The boy just couldn’t understand how the girl could give and give, but never take. He swore he could get a cavity just thinking about her. But he wouldn’t think about her. For fear of ruining his teeth. Yeah, his teeth and nothing else.

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    “Tea?” She inquired.
    He responded, “Yes, please.”
    She then gathered the ground up tea leaves and the steeper.
    “It’ll take around five minutes.” She said as she set the timer. The man curtly nodded. A comfortable silence filled the kitchen.
    After a while the man grinned mischievously. He begun to step closer and then cornered the woman into…[Read more]

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    She was going to drown. This would be the end. She would quit the horrid game called life.
    She was going to sink. Nothing would be left of her. She couldn’t handle what life had thrown at her.
    She looked out at the horizon and was greeted by a new friend.
    “Hello, what is your name?” The girl questioned, the tiredness in her voice leaking out…[Read more]

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    She looked out to the horizon to be greeted by a warm breeze. Her eyes set upon the vast beauty called the ocean. For she wished to run out and be greeted by the salt waters coldness but she knew some things just couldn’t happen. So instead she looked towards the body sitting next to her. The boy who had hair the color of sand. The boy whose eyes…[Read more]