• Michelle C. commented on the post, stalled 6 years, 12 months ago

    Stalled. I guess this is the maximum displacement I’ll ever reach. The burden is too much. My emotional threshold is not sufficient to save what is left of me. So i’m officially stalled by the unexpected momentum of suffering. Of the disequilibrium of everything I ever hold on to. The need to stop, to breathe, to just pause is overpowering. People…[Read more]

  • The shoe. It is leather. It is and always will be his favorite. But he left it. He left me. And took the other pair hastily. The leather shoe. A remnant of a long-forgotten memory. And now, years after, the leathery memento still gives me the shivers. The pain. The numbness. The paradox of the what could have been’s. I feel empty. I feel as cold…[Read more]