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    She was the epitome of beauty. The world seemed to stop as she walked into the ballroom. Her eyes lit up the room like the sun had just come up. Her smile was able to stop everyone in their tracks. She wore a long, red dress that fit her body perfectly.

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    I walked through the store seeing denim on the wall. I walked towards it and wondered how many types there were. I didn’t know why we needed so many different types of jeans, all you need is something to cover you up.

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    The bird haunted my nightmares. And even my dreams if I still had any. It followed me through the light and the darkness of my soul. And my life. I guess it was more than a bird. It represented How absolutely lost I was in the darkness.

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    The raven passed overhead, scaring me to death. The sky was dark enough with accounting for the fact of a bird I could barely see was circling where I was at slowly, soaking up everything It could see, although there was nothing to see. Nothing to see in the field where I ran from my past. the darkness that tore my soul into pieces every day and…[Read more]

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    I was blamed for the loss of my sister. She was the most beautiful thing in the world. She was like a rose in a field of darkness.
    I looked away for a few short seconds. She was gone. And little would I know that it would be forever.

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    He walked around the outside edge of the carnival. His legs shook slightly on the stilts. His face was calm, but on the inside he was all nerves. if he fell, he would lose his job. He and his family would be on the streets. and then what?

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    As the celebrity walked by the awaiting crowd everyone went into the frenzy. he never understood why people cared about him. but humanity always latches onto things that they want but can never have