• Shaun Irvine commented on the post, binding 7 years ago

    Binding you are so powerful because you bind all the books. With out you binding we will not be able to read books with out to lose the pages.

  • Shaun Irvine commented on the post, stillness 7 years ago

    Stillness your my best freinds because you always help me when I need it. Oh your so powerful with your stillness.

  • I’m the reporter today and it is going to be a bit cold with a couple of showers today. But on the other hand their is going to be sun for the rest of the week.

  • Architecture your the man that dose lots of things that tells me what to do. He helps me the make my bedroom cool and awesome.

  • People always backspace on the keyboard on the computer. People also like to backspace on the computer when they have made a mistake.