• AJ commented on the post, swerve 2 years, 5 months ago

    Swerve. It was the only work that crossed my mind as the child walked in front of my car. I never expected to hit the tree. I never expected to lose my wife. I never expected the nearly lose my own life. I got lucky…or so the doctors say. How lucky can I be if I’m all alone?

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    So many unanswered questions. He walked with the jailor down the dark, cold hall. He could barely see in the dim torch light, but so many questions kept racing through his head. Why was he being executed? Who ratted him out? Why was he the one who got caught? But above all else, What went wrong?

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    The treasure was sitting in front of them. Suddenly, everyone began to cheer. “We did it, lads!” yelled the captain, raising his fist in victory. After seventeen years of searching, they had finally found Captain Scully’s lost treasure.

  • AJ commented on the post, retreat 3 years, 2 months ago

    Retreat is not a word she knew. She never ran from a fight. When the orcs appeared on the horizon, she raised her sword and charged forward, leaving her brothers behind. She took no heed of the danger to herself. Instead she ran forward, charging toward victory…or so she thought.

  • AJ commented on the post, silence 3 years, 3 months ago

    The silence around me was terrifying. No one could hear my screams for help. Nothing but silence and darkness. The cell seemed colder than it did hours before…or was it days…minutes? Everything blended together in this damn prison.

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    Getting involved with things for me is difficult. As an introvert who does not believe he has much creativity, getting involved is not only difficult, but scary. What if I’m not accepted? What if I screw up? The most difficult thing about it all, though, is the fact that sometimes, it feels like I’m all alone in this.

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    We waited on the patio for the news. We hadn’t heard anything about the accident since it happened, and everyone was on edge. None of us had experienced a car wreck before, so when we heard grandpa was hit, everyone began to freak out.

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    I woke up to the smell of smoke. As I sat up slowly, I saw the fire spreading around the room. Panic and fear rose as I took it what was happening. My entire room was on fire, and I was in the middle of it.