• shadow-poet commented on the post, gallery 6 years ago

    My thoughts are abstract as paintings, and their gallery is a maze of wrong decisions and mislead interpretations. Can you navigate the corridors of my mind, or will you lose yourself much like I did so many years ago?

  • shadow-poet commented on the post, festive 6 years ago

    My hot chocolate warmed my hands and the lights carefully
    draped around the tree warmed my heart. Outside it was snowing,
    large, fluffly flakes, but I felt as warm as could be; physically,
    emotionally, and in soul. I smiled to myself and to my mother. This
    was what Christmas really meant. I drew the blanket closer around
    me, cuddling closer to the…[Read more]

  • shadow-poet commented on the post, tank 6 years ago

    I stare at the screen; four more questions. I’m running on empty. My emotions today have been drained, and my tank holds only vacant space but for a few measly drops… are they tears? Sweat? Blood? Knowing how these late nights go, I can only guess some gruesome mixture of the three. I lay my head down in defeat and let out the last little bit of…[Read more]

  • shadow-poet commented on the post, distilled 6 years ago

    I would challenge you, dear,
    to remove your old mask
    but with war in the air
    it’s too much to ask.
    Can you see through the shield
    you wear with such pride?
    Is your goal to become
    or simply to hide?
    These questions, I fear,
    are the reason my eyes
    have accustomed to watching
    and picking out lies.
    But please, worry not.
    I’ll always…[Read more]