• He held the tarot card in his hand and pursed his lips. He read the equivalent meaning in his guidebook:

    Authority, father-figure, structure, solid foundation.

    If reversed: Domination, excessive control, rigidity, inflexibility

    This did not answer the question he had in mind. Not in the way he had wanted. He cleared the table with one…[Read more]

  • the darkest places are always
    where the stars are brightest-
    i remember you saying this.
    it is almost as if cities decide
    that the lights belong down on
    earth – from an airplane, the
    view of the urban landscape
    feels like you are looking
    down at the night sky.
    i guess this means our
    progress comes at the expense
    of forgetting the ones…[Read more]

  • there was something in the way
    you would talk about how
    you saw the world – and it was
    then that i realized that amid
    the darkness around you,
    there would always be
    something to show that would
    be larger than life – beyond
    anything i’ve seen,
    and always worth looking
    toward. it is true that i can
    see the same thing, tucked
    away in…[Read more]

  • His unkempt hair stuck out in waves, and she stared at him to preserve this image of him in her head. He had woken up a few seconds ago, and his eyes adjusted to the room around them.

    “…We really did it.”

    “Yeah.” She ruffled his hair. “We’re married.”

  • Serena Mithane commented on the post, fools 6 years, 7 months ago

    The number zero is full of infinite potential. You start with nothing, and can fill it with everything. The truth is that this is when you can reach the farthest.

    People forget that in the end, everyone is a fool.

  • I remember you most in
    frayed gray trenchcoats
    and the way you always
    said mysteries don’t end
    with their solutions.

    There were questions
    left unanswered
    when you took off
    unnamed under a fedora
    that shaded your eyes
    from the reality
    that you were
    never coming back.

    And I took every
    single clue there was
    to try and map out
    the…[Read more]

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    I would like to believe I’m a well-made cake.
    But the truth is, I’m still in the making.
    Sometimes I realize the flour isn’t sifted yet.
    Or that I don’t really know what baking soda is for.
    The oven is outdated by now.
    And unfortunately, I don’t know how to turn on the gas.
    I constantly burn my fingers on too-short matches.
    I keep trying to…[Read more]

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    The vines outside my house
    slowly start to take over
    and trap me inside
    but I’ve long given up
    on the idea that
    the outside meant
    any kind of freedom for me.
    And I watch as the vines grow
    and the way they can’t
    stand on their own
    and think to myself
    that they’re lucky
    that when people get
    their fruit it can at least
    be used for…[Read more]

  • It had started with a tiny ticking noise in my head, and from there I don’t know how it spread. All I know is that it was driving me crazy. It kept repeating itself, like the sound of a clock. So I ran through my house smashing every last timepiece I could find. I hate it. I kept hearing it and it was reminding me that I was too late.

    I was too…[Read more]

  • I picked up the medal and dusted off some of the sand from it. It had an old faded eagle on it, but the text at the bottom had been scratched off and was barely readable. I flipped it around in my fingers and closed my eyes to wait until I could feel the past washing over me. There was a wreckage. And there were several gunshots. I could hear…[Read more]

  • I stood there on the peak of the cliff and overlooked the town. I remember way back when they promised we would be the aid of the human race. But no one knows what’s happened since then – why they started becoming so afraid of us.

    But then, they did say I might have been a defective model of the original artificial human blueprints.

    They…[Read more]

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    There have been movements. We’ve wanted to be accepted for the longest time – but humans have always considered us inferior. Eventually we became angry. We wanted to be considered equals – after all, we had the capacity to emulate sentience. The only difference was that we were logical – but there were also logical people in the world. The trouble…[Read more]

  • She didn’t notice she was bleeding until someone pointed out quite calmly that her arm was gone. This was when she turned her head and stared at the stump on her arm, and nodded to agree with him.

    “Why yes, it appears I am bleeding. I’m armless now.”

    I couldn’t really comprehend what was going on, and looked between the two of them. They…[Read more]

  • It had all began with a murder. It sounds innocuous enough, or as innocuous as a murder could possibly be. However, it was from that chain events that slowly began the extermination of essential life forms for the survival of the human race. This was when many officials began to worry about the future, and had started the development of a back up…[Read more]

  • There were many more like me here. We had eyes that lit up with ones and zeroes, and that was the language we all understood. It wasn’t that we weren’t human, though many tried to tell us that. We were in fact, made as close to flesh and blood as we could be. It was the only way the rest of them would survive, through the creation of us. We were…[Read more]

  • They walked around in their gray ties and squared shoulders, trying to ignore the repetitive ticking of the clock.

    They all knew they were going to die one day. The only difference would be that no one would particularly notice. It was alright though, they knew nothing was immortal.

    The only thing that would last forever would be this…[Read more]

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    He tasted the mint on her tongue, and immediately knew that she had been lying to him. He knew her taste far too well by now.

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    You put the weight of your world on my shoulders, and took my hand so we could run through the world and show them how happy you were now.

  • So you took my breath away and trapped it in a bottle, for the greatest theft of your life. You put your ninja mask on and hopped off the window ledge to throw the bottle into the sea, and told me that maybe I’d […]

  • She wrapped her blanket around herself. It was new, and he bought it that night before he left, and told her he wanted to keep her warm. She hated it, it smelled like mothballs and was nothing compared to the feel […]