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    “I dare you to throw a stone into it,” Lane said.

    “Nuh-uh. No way,” Molly replied, staring down the side of the cliff. A thick fog obscured the bottom from sight, and she could barely imagine what was beyond the clouds.

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    He was as greedy as a dragon. He hoarded his knowledge as if it were gold and rubies. I could see steam rise from his nostrils as I approached his books, a tentative hand outstretched.

    “No,” his harsh voice rang out, shattering the tense silence. “Those are not for you.”

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    Mothering? More like smothering. He couldn’t even leave the house without his mother bombarding him with a thousand questions.
    “Where are you going?”
    “Who are you going to be with?”
    “When will you get back?”
    “Do you have your phone on you?”
    The woman wouldn’t stop badgering him until he relented and answered all her skull-splitting questions.

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    The complexity of our relationship had me baffled. There were days where I was completely fed up with his shit, but by the next day I was his again. We danced sometimes and fought others and it all hung in a delicate balance. One false move on my part and he would set off like a firework, screaming and lighting up the sky with red starbursts…[Read more]

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    He had a golden aura. It glowed and pulsed all around him, even more so when he was around people. There was something about being around another person that just brought him to life. He basked in their attention, smiles, and laughter. It was his drug.

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    His words intrigued me. I leaned in closer. “What was that?”
    “You heard me.” He smiled, the corners of his lips practically curling.
    “W-well. It would seem like you have yourself a deal.”
    His grin widened. “It was a pleasure to do business with you.”

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    Mark was very dogmatic. He knew exactly what was right and what was wrong, and nothing could change his mind. He was the face of perfect, from his curly, blond hair to his charming personality. Mark was everything I wanted to be, but I knew I never could.

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    “Look at you–you’re nothing but a savage,” he spat.
    I looked down at my bare feet and dirty hem. “Mother says you shouldn’t say things like that, James,” I replied, still not looking at him.
    “Well, Mother isn’t here is she?”

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    “Indecisive?” He grinned. “Not me. Not ever.”
    “Oh, yeah?” I countered.
    “What about that time you couldn’t decide whether to play football or basketball?”

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    Chivalry is dead. She learned this the hard way. Not once has anyone pulled out a chair or held the door. Chivalry is dead, and it is never coming back.

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    The sundried tomatoes were scattered around the garden. It must have been weeks, maybe even months, since anyone’s tended to it. I walked up the steps of the front porch and knocked on the door. An elderly woman opened it.
    “Hello?” She said. “Who are you?”
    “Grandma? It’s me. It’s Harriet.”
    Grandma squinted at me. “Why, so it is,” she…[Read more]

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    The time I spent with him was worthwhile. We held hands and talked. We talked about everything, really. And we walked, too. A thousand miles, and never got tired once. I smiled, and he smiled, and the world fell into a perfect harmony.

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    The fasting began on the twentieth of March. Mother and Father celebrated the eve by cooking a huge meal, filled with all sorts of luxuries. Cakes, chocolate delicacies, a whole turkey. It was our most important holiday, so of course they could spare the money to splurge.

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    He clamped down the piece of wood, then set to work moving the saw back and forth. I stared, transfixed by the smooth motions. He looked up and smiled.
    “Wanna try?”
    “Um, no thanks. I think I’ll just watch for now,” I replied.
    “Suit yourself.” He shrugged.

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    He began chopping the peppers with precise movements. I watched him with wide eyes as the pepper shrank to a pile of little bits.
    “It’s nothing, really. Just a little slice here and there.”
    “Don’t be modest. You’re like a blender. If you were a video game villain, you’d be Blenderman.”

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    He knew exactly how to captivate the audience’s attention. All the lights fell on his smiling, charming face. He motioned to the audience to be silent. Then, he held up a gloved fist. The suspense grew, and I could feel the audience grow agitated. They shifted in their seats, trying to get a better look at his hand. Just when I thought they…[Read more]

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    She stapled another piece of paper onto the post. With a sad look, she stared at a picture of an orange tabby cat with “MISSING” written in large letters below. Noticing me standing by and watching, she lowered her eyes and hurried off, clutching a stack of papers.

    I turned and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a scrap of orange make its way…[Read more]

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    “The blade had been wrought in the fires of Na’thuth. Its metal is the finest in all the land. The hilt is made of gold and has been adorned with countless precious jewels. It is a sword truly worthy of a knight such as yourself.”

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    I am a gamer
    up down left right
    A B A B
    Racing past the rest
    To be the best
    Ranked number one
    I don’t need that.
    I’ll go shower in a minute.
    Just let me finish this level.

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    The raven sat, perched on the tree limb, mocking me with every caw. It stared down at me with its beady eyes, and I felt naked under its gaze.
    With a barking caw, it spread its wings and flew off. A black feather drifted down to my feet. I wished I could fly away with it.
    I bent down, picked up the feather, tucked it into my back pocket, and…[Read more]