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    I know what if feels like to be dismissed. I know how that feels to be told, in one way or another, that your services, your face, your words are no longer wanted or needed in the building.

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    Brunch is such a festive word. It brings to mind leisure and sunny days and good food. Of course, I never have brunch. I always eat and early morning breakfast and then lunch. I never have fancy breakfasts […]

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    demonstration – it is a party? it is a movement? it says pay attention to me? it is interesting? It is noisy? it is a protest? it is interesting? It is political? it is a marketing technique?

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    I used to love to swing. I would go to the park with my brother and we would swing so high – we knew how to pump and we would see who get the highest the fastest. I felt as if I were flying. At some point after […]

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    I am a professional and I pride myself on that. That means that I know my field, I can be pleasant and knowledgable. I behave respectfully to all I encounter at work. I am a team player who looks out for other […]

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    I love my little town. It’s really not that little – maybe about 8,000 residents. But I work in town and I play in town. I know lots of people and i never know to whom I might run into when i go to the grocery […]

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    blood sweat and tears
    sweating a river
    I am surprised at how little I do sweat when I take long bike rides. Perhaps it just evaporates but mostly my sin stays dry.

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    Weave in and out of traffic – not dafe.W
    Weave a rug or a basket – very beautiful.
    Weave in and out of a life – not pretty.
    Weave the dreams together into a life – curious.

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    Chinese lantern flowers are just so beautiful. The shades of orange and coral with hints of red and yellow just make me want to stare at them forever. I am especially jazzed about the one that grows near a […]

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    Crew – the crew worked hard?
    He wore crew socks?
    There is a kitchen crew assigned to clean up?
    The road crew is slacking off?
    The crew team did really well?
    How is crew related to cruel?

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    I dont know much about generators except that they are vital to the people I know who live off the grid. There have been years here in NorCal where the rains and wind have knocked the power off for days on end. […]

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    The crescent moon simply reminds me of the night sky. On a clear night, the crescent moon and the stars make me painfully aware of how tiny earth is, how tiny I am. A summertime crescent moon takes me on balmy […]

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    POPCORN! Love that stuff. I is best just plain – no butter, please. Just some salt – perfect! I like the kind that is cooked in a pot on the stove, not the mircrowaved version or the kind that they sell at the […]

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    I need a lift. I need to figurer out the next step. It should be so simpe. Keep on working until you no longer HAVE to – maybe another five years. Keep on existing in your home. Keep on reading, seeing […]

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    Have a blast.
    Life is a blast.
    Life is so not a blast.
    I had a blast at work today.
    I would like to have a blast.
    What is a blast?
    fun fun fun
    Doesn’t happen very often.
    blast blast blast
    have a blast
    have a blast

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    Loss is all around me. I haven’t loss many people as in relatives and close people but I am always feeling loss. Loss of self, loss of youth, loss of fitness and attractiveness – loss of intangibles that mean […]

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    I hate the medical world. I think lots of doctors see themselves as almighty gods.
    It pisses me off the way everyone has to kowtow to a frigging doctor’s schedule. When you go there, which I avoid doing at all […]

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    I have a gallery in my house. It used to be my daughter’s bedroom and it still does have a guest bed in the room. The walls have wires on them and there are paintings on every wall. I like to put up whatever […]

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    Curses! Foiled again
    I guess pople don’t care as much as they used to about curse words. Are curse words the same as cuss words? I don’t think so.
    A curse feel more venomous and evil and mean.
    Cuss words […]

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    Balloons bring so many smiles. They are colorful, shiny and attractive. They can be harmful to animals who might choke on the remains of a broken balloon so one must be careful to dispose of them properly. From […]