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    It fit like a glove.
    And burned like hell.
    This was not the role she’d ever wanted to play.
    Never the shoes she’d wanted to wear.
    Instead, now, she stood, ramrod straight, head held high, throat tight, eyes dry. This was the way a queen stood before her people.
    The way she had to be strong, when there was a knife at her back. When she…[Read more]

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    “Aww, just look at them! So cute–bantering back and forth. It’s almost like they’re–”

    “Friends,” Helena cut in, her voice as sharp as her narrowed eyes. “Don’t even try, Donovan.”

    “Try? Me? Whatever did you think I was going to say?”

    “Something stupid–that might get you killed or worse–assigned to my squadron. I have better things…[Read more]

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    “Look what you’ve done,” Mirage hissed. “After everything I’ve given you–that’s what you have to say? This is what you do?”

    “Leave them,” Irina wrinkled her nose. “It’s not worth it, Re.”

    “Like hell, it’s not worth it! I slaved for this degree,” Mirage cracked her knuckles. “Blood, sweat and tears poured into a thankless journey to be…[Read more]

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    “Quartz? You mean, a piece of rock?” Jodie rubbed the back of her head, expression mirroring the absolute confusion she felt at her father’s question. “What’s that got to do with anything?”
    “You can manipulate it, can’t you?” He demanded, his voice harsh. “Hurry!”
    “I-I don’t know. I’ve never tried.”
    “Then try!”
    “But–but it doesn’t work…[Read more]

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    Candy. She’s sweet like sticky, salty caramels. Wrapped up in fancy paper, costing twice as much as regular milk caramels. Sticky–because it’s dangerous to even look at her. If I stare too long, she’ll notice.

    If she doesn’t notice, I think I’ll die.

    Salted–because what else would make these wounds hurt so beautifully? Rubbed into every…[Read more]

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    “Dating?” Janae sputtered. “That’s not–that’s–I don’t have to answer that.”
    Her mother gave her a look. “Is that what we’re saying these days?”
    “He’s my familiar! I can’t help it that I inherited a humanoid out of everyone else in that stupid class.”
    “Oh, so now it’s stupid? Careful, you might hurt its feelings.”
    “Arghhh!” Janae threw…[Read more]

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    “You rented?” His voice raised an octave or two, a near screech as he stared at him incredulously. “Is that what you thought you were doing? This whole time we’ve been tearing the place apart and now you think this was important to tell us?”

    Keith flinched backwards. “I tried to tell you earlier,” he said, his voice soft. “I tried. You didn’t…[Read more]

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    “She’s utterly devastated right now and you know whose fault that is?” Jurika demanded. Her hands were propped on her hips and her dark hair swarmed aroujnd her head, the element answering to her building rage. “She’s your daughter, Randolph! Your own flesh and blood and you just treated her like a common street-whore!”

    Randolph flushed a…[Read more]

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    It’s a clean slate.

    That’s wat Tata always told me, when the new year started.

    Sometimes I wish that she was still here, but it doesn’t matter now.

    Clean slate. Dirty slate…empty slate.

    I’ve remembered everything that she ever wanted me to. I’ve done everything that I could have. But it eats at me inside. It carves marks into my…[Read more]

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    “Dont’ mind if I do, thanks.”
    “…very funny. How is she, Derek?”
    “As well as can be expected. She thinks you’re dead, Lena.”
    Lena looked away, her hands clenched tightly together in her lap, one thumb rubbing over the old signet ring, the dull ruby gleaming in the candlelight. “It was for the best.”
    “I doubt she’ll see it that…[Read more]

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    I miss you, Nena.

    I miss you more than words can say.

    I miss you more than all those sappy love cliches I hear every day.

    I miss you.

    You made me laugh instead of cry.

    You reminded me that I was the only one who could change me.

    That getting up and making a difference was the better option in life.


    I miss…[Read more]

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    “And this is Mister Greyson,” my Uncle nodded towards the smiling young man with the very real gold tooth gleaming at the left corner of his mouth.

    I swallowed, hoping that the ruffle ’round my neck would hide the action. My hand hung limply in his and I offered the best curtsy my aching feet could manage. “Charmed, I’m sure,” I said, lighlty.…[Read more]

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    “An interview?”

    That was all the warning anyone had before everything came pouring down on our heads.

    It wasn’t a safe word. It wasn’t a dark word.

    But it was a word of power and with those sorts of words, destruction of worlds and realms hung in the balance.

    No wonder there were no more heroes. No more villains. No more curiosity.…[Read more]

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    “I-I’ve never been on the metro. Do we have to go now?”

    “That–is surprising and also not my problem,” Elias said, stiffly. “Are we all ready now?”

    “No one’s ready after an announcement like that, darling,” Maria said. “Come on, gather around. I won’t let him take you on that horrible metro, alright?” she…[Read more]

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    He fumbled with the cutlery, then looked up with wide, panicked eyes, to see if anyone had noticed his blunder.

    We all pretended not to notice, going so far as to talk about how loud the air-conditioner rattled from its place in the apartment window. It was pointless, meaningless and yet, we protected his fragile self out of habit.

    For we…[Read more]

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    Layta shied away from the leering gazes, relaxing faintly when she felt Shatila’s armored hand grip her shoulder. “I’m fine,” she managed, offering a tight smile.

    “Fine does not have you looking like you’ve swallowed something that disagrees so terribly with you that you don’t dare look around you.” Shatila shifted to walk a little closer,…[Read more]

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    “Sky?” Merrins squinted up at the blue sky–or rather, what she could see of it through the window of the ski lodge. “I don’t think it works that way, Cy.”

    I tried not to roll my eyes and snapped my fingers in front of her face to regain her attention. “Not sky,” I said, taking care to speak slowly. “Ski.”

    “S-ki?” she rolled the word…[Read more]

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    “Well, you think we should go?”

    “You couldn’t pay me to set foot out of this house,” Rei said, stubbornly. He turned away, his lean arms folded over his chest. A ray of light caught the blue crystal cross dangling from one ear–the exact shade of his cerulean eyes.

    Marian and Owen exchanged a look. Marian stepped forward, linking her arm…[Read more]

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    It’s getting blurry.

    How did this turn into such a mess?

    I don’t get it.

    It was a fantastic line, it was a great moment, it should have been perfect.

    But you didn’t smile. The look in your eyes–was that fear? Why are you afraid of me? I made sure that I wore my contacts today. There’s no way you could’ve seen my eyes. My weird…[Read more]

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    “Here, just give it to the bellboy,” Thom fished in his pocket and drew out a scrap of folded paper. “Hurry now, would you?”

    His niece looked at him, then at his hand and rolled her eyes as she took the proffered tip. “He’s not even here helping us,” she complained. “Why do we have to tip him?”

    “Because he’s not the bellboy, he’s our…[Read more]