• The festival was a beautiful one. Colorful streamers lined each room decoratively, and candles flickered back and forth on each table. People had drinks in one hand and cigarettes in the other, and a rather large […]

  • We threw the holy oil around Lucifer before he woke up, and ignited the trail with my sister’s Zippo Lighter. The flames woke Lucifer up, and he swore loudly as he realized the position he was in. He was trapped, and we had the one device that could kill him. He was going to die […]

  • It was New Years, and I was supposed to have a date to drink a glass of champagne with. Unfortunately, it seemed my taste in men was horrible and they were all notorious for standing me up last-minute. Instead of my handsome hero, I would be kissing my glass of champagne on New Years. How […]

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    The blank sheet or music on her desk stared at her, taunting her. God dammit, she wanted to write that song that had been in her head for years now, but the lack of ability was blatantly obvious. She had no clue how to play an instrument.

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    The flannel shirt of the man I called my darling was burning on the ground, in a pile that I had created. I would miss him, yes, but there was no blood that tasted better than the blood of someone you loved.

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    The sunlight meant nothing to her. All everyone said was, “oh, won’t the sunlight burn you?” She began to hate the sunlight because of the taunting that came from her classmates. Because she was pale and dressed in black, they constantly made “living-dead” and “vampire” jokes about her, which, on a regular day, wouldn’t have […]

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    To the left of me was a young man. He was… average, I s’pose, dark hair, medium build, tall-ish, but there wasn’t anything memorable about him, either. He was another man on the subway, riding to work or school or home, or whatever destination he had in mind.

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    The tallest man in the crowd was a man that I had known for a long time. Since high school, in fact. This man was a man of many faces, whether it be kindness, which he showed often, or rudeness, which was usually hidden beneath the kindness. There were always two layers to his faces, […]

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    I walked through the flames of Hell, remembering that maybe I did deserve to be here. Countless times since I had arrived to Hell had the faces of the men and women I had murdered materialized before me, screaming, faces distorted in agony, the same faces they had made when I killed them. Perhaps I […]

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    Buildings surround me, day and night. I wake up, I see buildings. I lay down, I see buildings. Walking to or from school, to the community center, anywhere, I always see buildings. I miss way back when, when I lived in a rural area, where the occasional house was the norm. I wish city lights […]

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    This year’s schedule had been insanely intense. Whether it was having to walk a ridiculous length on a ridiculous campus, or having a class that just enjoyed dishing out ridiculous amounts of homework, Jauna was ready to gag herself with a spoon.

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    The pianist went up and down on the keys, going through scales and trills, going from minor keys to major keys and back again. Her audience listened attentively, enjoying the awe-inspiring talent that the prodigy had to offer.

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    The waiter set the glass on the table calmly. All night, this couple had been heckling him about one thing or another. The food isn’t okay, the water looks weird, the room smells awkward… The man was just about ready to hit the customer. But he held his resolve and continued serving the couple until […]

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    There’s this weird thing called postage, which for some odd reason costs money to buy. It seems as if the government does whatever it wants and taxes on the most pointless things, such as junk food, housing, and of course, postage. There’s absolutely no point making us pay 3 cents or 3 dollars or anything […]