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    They scramble out of the water, but just as Luca thinks he’s free, long fingers wrap themselves around his ankle. He yelps as he’s dragged back, thinking shitshitshithe’sdead, when-
    Edlen falls back into the river with a snarl, a stream of red following her. Luca gapes up as Doll drags him the rest of the way out, her knuckles stained with…[Read more]

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    Ashley’s face is a mask of anger when she moves to punch Takumi, but he doesn’t flinch. Doesn’t try to move away or block it, just braces himself for the blow.
    It doesn’t come either way- Christian catches Ashley’s hand in his own and forces it to her side. He says her name, quietly, and she grits her teeth for a long moment before turning to…[Read more]

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    Luca has to wonder why Horne seems to make him so clumsy. Tripping was one thing, but when he knocks over an entire bottle of olive oil onto the other man he feels it must be something more than just coincidence.

  • Luca is young, so young, when he watches Vera chain Herne in a thrashing river, and there are tears in his eyes and he doesn’t understand-
    “Shh,” Vera croons, carding a hand slick with river water and magic through his hair. “There’s no need for this.”
    She pulls-
    (the city feels like glass under his feet he longs for something he doesn’t…[Read more]

  • When Damien comes to the London Stronghold he’s nervous, yes. Terrified, definitely.

    But with Eli at his side he knows he can conquer the world.

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    Change is inevitable. Ashley had known that, staring out the window of a plane and watching her world fall away.
    But somewhere along the line, she’d started hoping, far too fervently, that maybe this was it. She’d had her earthshattering change. Maybe this- Tabatha’s smile and the constant journey- maybe this the end for her.
    She should’ve…[Read more]

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    “Ready to watch the best show ever made?” Takumi grinned as he flopped onto the couch.
    “Yeah!” Ashley was practically buzzing with excitement.
    “I still can’t believe you’ve never seen Star Trek,” Tabatha snorted.

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    “Annie,” Bec began, “I hate you.”
    “Oh my god,” Annie said, “This isn’t my fault.”
    “Oh, don’t worry guys,” Bec said, voice pitched high and mocking. “It’s just a party, not like we’ll get arrested or anything.”
    “He has a point,” Megan chimed in.
    “Fuck off.”

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    It was just like they used to talk about, when they were young. Run away, where the Organization could never find them, where they wouldn’t have to be puppets or soldiers or anything they didn’t want to be.
    But it was all wrong.
    “So this is it, then?” Lydia asked.
    Luisa smiled. “I’ll come back for you,” she said. “For all of you.”
    And Lydia…[Read more]

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    “I…don’t have a passport.”
    It seemed like such a mundane problem, after everything that had happened. Demons, and angels, and witches were traipsing around the globe, but he still needed something as silly a passport to leave the country?

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    “Honestly, kid,” Seth murmured, checking the thermometer. “You have the worst timing.”
    Takumi groaned, burrowed deeper into his blankets and coughing wetly.

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    Christian’s power burns inside him, and Takumi shudders out a breath. Because he can do many great things now, yes, but the greatest of all is that he’s no longer alone.
    It’s funny, isn’t it? He never even knew he felt hollow before he had this.

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    Aurum and Argentum aren’t exactly happy about it, but at least they stop complaining so much when Platina reminds them that this is how it was, originally, and it was their fault it changed in the first place.
    Still, sometimes Ori catches them grumbling to themselves that really, it wasn’t necessary to merge their kingdoms, was it?

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    “Takumi,” Seth began imperiously, “you’re grounded.”
    There was only a brief pause before both of them burst out laughing, Tabatha bouncing on Seth’s back from his shaking shoulders.

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    Takumi places the box in front of Tabatha almost ceremoniously, a smug smile on his face. She raises an eyebrow.
    “I thought I didn’t get any gifts today,” she says, even as she delicately unwraps the paper.
    “They can’t give you anything,” he replies. “I’m human. I can do whatever I want.”

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    Sometimes, Basilio paints.
    Not very often, and never alone. Tobias is always by his side, posing dramatically or making comments or humming sweet, lulling tunes that will wrap around them so completely Basilio won’t even notice until he realizes that the painting is done and it’s nine at night.

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    Doll thinks it’s a stupid hobby. It’s girly, and impractical, and messy.
    But Luca steps into her room and makes a beeline for the easel, admiring the painting with the sort of wide-eyed emotion she’d always secretly wished she’d inspire.
    “I didn’t know you were a painter,” he says, turning to her.
    She shrugs, but between her ribs her heart…[Read more]

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    “Go,” Herne gritted out through his teeth, dry grass exploding into flame around him.
    Luca tried to step forward, mouth opening in protest, even as Doll pulled at his elbow.
    In the distance, he could hear hounds baying.

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    “Oh my God,” Ashley breathed, stumbling from the passenger side. “Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re still alive.”
    “It wasn’t that bad,” Tabatha mumbled, wincing as she inspected the shallow scratch in the van’s paint.
    “Not that bad?” Ashley asked shrilly. “Tab, I’m never getting in a car with you again.”

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    Christian popped the caramel into his mouth, rolling it around curiously.
    “I don’t know why you wanted one, it’s not like you have taste buds,” Takumi sighed. He jolted when Christian bit down harshly on the candy with a sharp crunch.
    “I like them,” he shrugged.