• Savannah commented on the post, domestic 8 years ago

    To be domestic means to be tamed, and I don’t want to be tamed. I want to roam free and dance wild. I want to take chances and go on adventures. Life is not about being tamed. Life is about letting go and taking a leap of faith. After all, I’m a free bitch baby.

  • Savannah commented on the post, tempted 8 years ago

    Tempted. Story of my life. To tempt is to tease, and I love when you tease me. Temptation gets me in trouble. Temptation is what I live for. Giving in never felt so good.

  • Savannah commented on the post, curious 8 years ago

    Curious about you. Your body. Your soul. Your truth. Your lies. Every time I touch you, I’m curious. I want to know more. I will never be satisfied, I will always be curious. That is what keeps me coming back for more my darling. Curious for your love.

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