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    The air is warm, sunshine beating down through breaks in the clouds. The white drapery softly defuses it. I squint against the light, only to blink back tears. The sun disappears to me along with the world. The only thing left is my bride. My wife. Today, she is my wife.

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    In the wide atrium, the central pedestal was the only source of light. The rest of the room was bathed in light shadows that flickered with the shifting of the mysterious object in its centre.

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    All those long, sleepless nights were coming back to haunt him. Luke tried to play it cool, but his mouth forced its way open into a wide, loud yawn. It drew attention from most of the crowd around him, including – to his great misfortune – his boss.

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    “Isn’t it getting tedious for you too?” I voice the question I have been thinking for weeks. “All this running around, pretending not to care too much?”

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    The heatwave outside meant that when Zoe finally entered the sheriff’s station, she shivered at the blast of cool air that enveloped her. The soothing coolness didn’t last long though. Inside the station, doing pull-ups and sweating up a storm, was Jo, the unreasonably good-looking deputy sheriff.

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    “It might be a little pricey, but I guess, if it really makes you happy…”

    “Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

    “It’s… it’s really nothing.”

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    She’s a liar, and you know that, but you still just want to trust her. You want to believe she’s telling the truth when she promises not to hurt you. But you don’t. So you push just little further until you feel the breath escape her lungs in one harsh blow.

    “I really liked you,” she says, like it isn’t a lie. And the world crashes down around…[Read more]

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    “Are you questioning my sanity?” the lady drawled from the bed. The detective raised his eye at this, and simply opened her file to the part that read, highlighted: “multiple casualties.”

    “I wouldn’t dare,” he said with a smile.

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    The motel room was clean. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, I suppose, but somehow I always pictured these sorts of things in dirty, poorly-lit rooms. The beds are both made, and the garbage can has a fresh bag in it. There’s a book on the side table with a bookmark saving a page close to halfway through. I wonder for a moment if the book has…[Read more]

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    Out on the lawn, a huge dog lay on the grass. Its dark fur was soaking up the sun, and its large tongue lolled lazily to one side. The tree to its left was spreading shade out just over the dog’s water bowl so that it would stay cool.

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    I am looking up at the ceiling and watching spirals of shadow take over the space above my head. I think the shadows are just a trick of the light. But just as I’m thinking it, I see them stop and change direction, creeping slowly closer until the ceiling has all but disappeared. I try to scream, but I choke on their beach water taste.

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    Everyone in her orbit was perfect: symmetrical faces, white teeth, well-dressed. The kind of people who strolled through the world without a moment’s thought that they might not be wanted there. Who wouldn’t want them?

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    “I have a fast metabolism.” Branwen says, voice cutting through the night air like a sword through an ogre’s belly.

    “What?” I respond, eloquent as always.

    I can’t see if she rolls her eyes, but it feels like she does. The firelight glints off her teeth, and her small smile ends up looking dangerous.

    “You were looking. The doctor said I…[Read more]

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    The care she put into each stitch was clear. The final piece showing the very essence of the woman’s soul.

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    I peered through the half-open blinds into the classroom. The teacher at the front of the room looked bored, eyes unfocussed on the documents she was pretending to read. The students were all hunched over their desks, pens racing to fill in spaces on their crisp, white test papers.

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    The spikes of metal pierced the trucks tires with ease, sending the huge machine swerving wildly. Mack tried to hold the wheel, but his efforts only served to turn the truck sideways as it flipped upside down, skidding to a rough halt just as it reached the edge of the cliff.

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    Hayato sat alone at the bar, avoiding the rest of the party without seeming like he was avoiding them. It was a balancing act, keeping a mask of neutrality, the bastard son’s useless and weak facade while he say among sharks.

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    My tea is cold by the time I sip it, and its bitter flavour makes me want to gag. Unwilling to show weakness, I push the urge down, taking another sip and smiling.

    “Now, what would you say if I could guarantee you double that price?”

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    “What are ya? Some kinda comedian or something?” The disembodied, slurred words came floating out from the brightly lit room. The air tasted of beer and gym socks, making the poor lady at the front of the crowd gag when she opened her mouth to respond.

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    The conflict between the wolf-people and the tree folk was coming to a head. The leader of the wolf-people had been called to the capitol, and she came. The crowds in the streets shrieked and cried as she made her way with purpose to the tallest building to meet the leader of the tree folk. The guards smelled like fear when they moved to let her…[Read more]