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    It’s a small patch of land in the middle of the woods – barely noticeable as a specific place, unless you know what you’re looking for. Cain does. He kneels in the same patch of worn grass as he always does, hands pressed palm-flat against the dry earth, and for a few seconds’ time he feels connected to the kindred, mortal soul he lost here…[Read more]

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    People thought it was weird how they sat there just looking at each other and the grass beneath their palms for hours and hours, but they’d gotten used to being called weird years ago. The sun felt good on their high cheekbones and their shoulders, even when it was just on the edge of burning, and when they kissed, the same breeze ruffled their…[Read more]

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    When she puts in her grandmother’s earrings for the first time and looks up at herself in the mirror, it’s so empowering that she has to look away again in case she cries and smudges her mascara. It’s been a long time coming, trying to look this way – but at long last, she finally resembles herself.

    And she is beautiful.

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    He kisses all three of them cleanly on the lips before he settles down to sleep on Alfie’s shoulder. Not for the first time, he reflects on how lucky he is; not for the first time, he thinks of how many boys he knows that complain about being lonely, and feels so deliciously greedy.

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    Later, history will peg her as joyless. ‘We are not amused’ is her most famous line – but in actual fact, the queen doesn’t say or write this. Her real most common quote is ‘We were very amused’, and she writes this in her diary with great frequency. If he knew about this future mistake, he would gather all the ink and paper in the world and…[Read more]

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    She’s never been a cruel person. In fact, the only cruel thing she ever did was accidental, and most people would have dismissed it as a small part of a larger kindness. Jessica was seventeen years old when her aunt took her in, and she’d have been eternally grateful for the warmth of her home and her compassion if not for the pity that swam in…[Read more]

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    Rupert’s glasses are thick, both in the rims and the lenses. He lifts them off his face and folds them before he puts them on his desk, slow and measured; Adam thinks he might go mad in the time it takes Rupert to refocus and address the situation at hand again.

    “It’s not that I don’t like you, old boy,” he says, gratingly jovial. “But there…[Read more]

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    There’s never a hair or the smell of perfume – never anything as obvious as that. It’s just a firmness in the line of his shoulders that Thomas can’t trust; there’s a practiced sound to every story about his day as though it’s been repeated several times on the car ride home, just in case. Thomas loves his boyfriend; don’t get him wrong about…[Read more]

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    She slips her sword under his armour like a kiss; it’s all soft and feminine but it does the trick. She can see the way his eyes bulge with surprise as well as pain, and it brings a smirk to her lips – which admittedly she already feels guilty about, but more fool him for underestimating her.

    “The duel goes to Lady Henry,” calls the announcer.…[Read more]

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    He waits at the corner under the old bridge for at least thirty minutes before he realises that Danny isn’t coming, and the sigh he makes sounds as heavy as the earth – but in reality it’s lighter than air, cold breath curling up-up-up in the lamplight.

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    They sit on the edge of the hotel balcony, legs dangling over the wall, and watch the people crush together by the river. The lights flicker off the water, and you can practically smell the excitement and devotion of the people down there. She rests her head on Martha’s shoulder, and twines their fingers together, and feels that the world has…[Read more]

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    She’s been begging on the streets since she was a young child. These days she’s still young, but her face hides a lot of its years of experience behind twinkly eyes and fresh skin. Every now and again the most sanctimonious people will stop as they pass her and tell her she’s too young to be out here – that she should run back to her parents or…[Read more]

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    They grew up together – birds of a feather, if not for the purple velvet of the Prince’s feathers against the muddy plain muslin of Arthur’s. Their youth was spent running through grounds that felt bigger than anything they’d ever experience and honeysuckle-scented kisses in the bushes out of the view of prying eyes.

    Then came the teenage…[Read more]

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    He’s never been comfortable around her. She wears her materialism like armour – as if ‘brand’ still meant something seared into your skin, permanent and jarring. She smells like insincerity and too much money, and no matter how many kind-eyed smiles she passes his way, he still can’t see past the judgement in the curl of her lips.

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    The wind gathered around him, and it was almost as if it knew. He climbed the rock face with a grip tight enough to punish the surface, claws digging beneath the gritty upper layer and forming great, furious cracks in the cliff-face. The world thought it knew what it was to anger a dragon, but they hadn’t even scratched the surface. Now – now,…[Read more]

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    According to some scientist or other, the more sons you have, the more likely it becomes that the next one will be gay. Maria doesn’t see how this can be true, but it weighs on her like a superstition. Personally, she doesn’t care who her children love – but as the doctor smiles out and tells her that this will be her seventh boy, she imagines…[Read more]

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    She first lays eyes on her at the folk music festival, eyes warm and smile wild as she plays the tambourine to no particular beat but her own. The wind catches her hair like it’s doing it on purpose – and a heartbeat later she meets her eyes, and the music stops, and everything is electric.

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    She wears them on her collar in the same way as train stations affix them to pigeons’ favourite perching places. There is no territory for you to enroach on here; there is no space for you to use her. She is streamlined, and she is armoured, and she belongs only to herself.

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    The lights glow briefly too bright through the power surge, and the guests at Mrs. Sutton’s famous New Year’s dinner party ignore them politely. One can’t help whatever battle the commoners are fighting at the power plants today, after all – and the salmon is divine enough to forgive a multitude of sins.

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    It wasn’t smooth like he expected it to be. He’d always imagined that the metal of his first armour would be like a sheet of glass for his fingertips to dance over, light and easy – but the reality of it was that it was brushed, as though a thousand tiny battles had already fought against it and lost.

    Sometimes he liked things to meet his…[Read more]