• Sammy commented on the post, doors 6 years, 2 months ago

    So many doors open. Yet so many closed at the same tie. They say when one door closes, two more open, but I’ve begun to doubt that. And even if two more do open, one doesn’t necessarily want to go through that door. Sometimes what was behind the first one that closed is all you really want.

  • Sammy commented on the post, wafer 6 years, 4 months ago

    Wafer thin. My skin is wafer thin. People get under it so easily. I try to not let them, but there are a few that manage to embezzle themselves in there regardless. Every little thing they do ticks me off. The way they breathe or eat, makes me want to tell them off for all the things they’ve done to me.

  • Sammy commented on the post, amount 6 years, 8 months ago

    There is no amount possible to describe how much I love you. And I don’t know if you’ll ever see that. It’s unconditional and irrevocable, nothing you do will change it. We’re the perfect couple, in a less than perfect situation, but I think the amount of love I have for you can pull through it. I’ll wait.

  • Sammy commented on the post, vote 6 years, 11 months ago

    I wish I could vote, not that I even have a political opinion, but I just think it’d be cool to say you voted. Then I could wear one of those ‘I Voted’ stickers. That would make me seem all important and whatnot. […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, affairs 6 years, 12 months ago

    Affairs are an awful thing, on any level. Even just cheating on someone in high school. It ruins relationships yet some people are still stupid enough to go back to their cheating boyfriend/girlfriend. They […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, people 7 years ago

    People bother me. Almost every person does. There’s always something I can find that I can’t stand about someone that makes me dislike them. That’s probably not a good thing. But what is a good thing is that I’m […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, claim 7 years ago

    I claimed him before he was mine. Everyone knew to back off, and they did. Then I could rightful claim him. No one else was to touch him. Some tried. They failed miserably. Now I have no claim, except to those […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, despite 7 years ago

    Despite everything we’ve been through, and I mean truly everything, I still love you. Despite the fights and the jealousy and the disapproval from just about everyone and even despite the bad split. It doesn’t […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, together 7 years ago

    We used to be together. When we were, we were invincible. Nothing and no one could touch us and trust me, they tried. So much criticism from everyone. Parents, kids, friends, even our families. But did it matter? […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, alive 7 years ago

    I feel so alive, more than I ever have. The adrenaline rush, the disbelief that I’m actually doing this, all of it put together. It all makes me feel free as a bird. I’m finally letting go, letting my guard down, […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, dysfunctional 7 years ago

    Our whole relationship is dysfunctional. We can’t go a whole day without arguing over something. It seems like I’m always mad at you for one thing or another even if it doesn’t make sense, even the little things. […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, spa 7 years ago

    Relaxation. Not a care in the world, everything just melts away. Breathing in the soothing aromas. having the gentle, but firm hands get every knot out of your back. So relaxing

  • Sammy commented on the post, whether 7 years ago

    Whether to follow your head or your heart. There are logical pros and cons to both. Head: It ends up being the smartest choice. Heart: It’s the one you want, regardless of the outcome. My opinion? Always follow […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, miracle 7 years ago

    Sometimes all we can ever do is wish for a miracle. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. When it does, you stand there, dumbfounded with joy at your incredible fortune. But when it doesn’t happen, your […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, texture 7 years ago

    The texture of you. Smooth skin, stubble on your face, so warm and soft. The contours of your abs and your chiseled arms.

  • Sammy commented on the post, salvation 7 years ago

    Save us. Please, we’ve gone on like this for long enough. We can’t take it anymore. We’ll do anything, just please relieve us from this hell! We need salvation!

  • Sammy commented on the post, magazines 7 years ago

    Magazines. I have a stack of them. Never ending it seems. All Seventeen. All the way back from October 2010 when I was merely 13. No where near old enough to read them. Hardly understanding most of it’s content, […]

  • Sammy commented on the post, refuse 7 years ago

    I said no. I’m done. You can’t pressure me anymore. I’m breaking free of your grasp. I can finally breathe again. Who knew to little letters could feel so liberating. NO.

  • Sammy commented on the post, carbon 7 years ago

    Carbon. Carbon dioxide. It’s what we breathe out. A sigh of relief. Holding you’re breathe for too long because you don’t wanna move, you’re scared and then you just let it all out. In one big whoosh of air.

  • Sammy commented on the post, side 7 years, 1 month ago

    My sides. Narrow. With a little curve on each side right in the middle. You love them and love to mess with them. Tickling them, grabbing them, rubbing them. Anything, and I love it when you do that.