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    I felt so…betrayed…He said all these things to me. All the right things. And he destroyed everything. Every single thing he worked so hard for. Why did he even bother in the first place? Why did I think I was […]

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    The pink and white collar of life we grow to learn of as a child is what keeps us young at heart when we finally become true responsible adults. It’s what controls our knowledge and conscious of right from wrong. Love and hate. Truth and lies. You and I.

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    I feel like I could scream into a megaphone on max volume and no one would hear me. No one would react. They’d just think I was crazy. And you know what, they’re right. So for now, I’ll just scream in my car parked somewhere where no one can see me. Just me, myself, and […]

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    You failed me. Or, maybe, did I fail you. I don’t know, but regardless. You’re gone. I don’t care if you talk to me once a year for my birthday. You’re gone. You’re not around. And maybe that’s my fault. Maybe at the beginning it was my fault. But now, now, you’ve changed, I don’t […]

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    My first funeral. My first best friend. I never would have thought this would have happened. But here I am. And here he is. Buried 6 feet under the ground cold and rotting. While I’m warm and barely alive. It’s weird, the ones who want to live die and the ones who want to die […]

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    Our teacher was just rambling on and on about some stupid assignment when I heard her say something about partnering up for a project. instinctively I looked over to Aurora who looking straight at me, nodded with a smile. I couldn’t believe it. She chose me to be her partner.

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    I’m in a corner, the corner of my life. I’m at the edge. i’m about to fall. I’m in my car. Driving straight. An open road ahead of me. There’s nothing to crash into. I need something to crash.I see a light pole and trees. I run a red a light. And then I see […]

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    I was looking for a plaid skirt to my new bow shirt when all of a sudden something purple caught my eye. There to my right was Mallory, my former best friend walking down the aisle with her friends. All of a sudden a rush of emotions overcame me. Did she see me?

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    There’s no more mints. Fuck. My breath must reek. I’m totally busted I figure.
    I walk into my house diligently ready to get busted any second, but no one even greets me. The house seems to be empty. Or maybe I’m just tripping out.

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    The stars I had stuck on my ceiling were faintly glowing. Blinking almost. And I started to wonder, is that how we are when we’re dying? Blinking, shedding off our last inner light, the last bit of our glow, our life, love, and being -existence. Where do we g? Do we become dust?

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    The ship’s crew was wild and dunk. Obnoxious too. Too obnoxious. They were unbearable and ruining my already horrible day. But there was nothing I could do but sit at the table with my useless family sulking as I pretended to eat the food in front of me.

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    I hugged my stuffed dinosaur tightly like my life depended on it until I fall drifted off into sleep. When I awoke the room was dark and I was vexed. There was a blanket on top of me that I knew wasn’t there when I fell asleep. i grabbed my dino and walked towards the […]

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    We sat o the grass picking out clovers and pulling off their petals. If I didn’t know better, we could have been three again sitting in front of our playground all together around. Pure bliss. Before we split. And I was left to fend alone.

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    I lived in a trailer for two years of my life. Those were the best years. I lived with my best friend Mao. While money as tight a lot, so was our friendship. I got to know him better than anyone. And he was the first one I ever fully let my brick walls down […]

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    My dad is supposed to build me a bookshelf because I ran out of space for all the books on top of my desk. i love books. I have so many. Books are so much more interesting than my actual life. I used to put myself into the book I was reading, like actually make […]

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    The purpose of life can seem vague sometimes. A lot of the times actually. I haven’t thought of cutting myself in over a year now. But today, that changed. What am I supposed to do? This is not my fault. You weren’t fair. You weren’t there. And now neither is he.

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    Trust is something one gain. Are you born with the trust from people and gradually show if you truly deserve it? Or fo you have to show you deserve it from day one? Do you know hoe much it hurts to have only just once been trusted. You don’t know until you’ve lost it.

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    Classical music has never been my taste. I can’t stand it actually. I just can’t. It’s so, well, I don’t even know how to explain how much i utterly hate classical music. i don’t care if the people that made it are the ones that helped form the music I like today and whatever. i […]

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    I’ve lived a structured life all my life. Routines. Conformity. Everything planned out at least two day ahead of time. I wasn’t one to take big risk, or any actually. I lived in a glass fish tank, looking out at all the big city people living their big city life. And I was comfortable excatly […]