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    Niamh tugged at the cloth, again and again as it wound itself round her arms, then began to wind itself around her body as she twirled slightly to get it free from the trunk, and she let out a little laugh. How had she managed it? Yet her shoulders sank a little as she looked at the mass once it was all around her and at her feet. Not even a…[Read more]

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    Perhaps it was the captivating glimpses of the sun reaching through the leaves, warming the path between the leaves, the lingering scent of bluebells, relaxing and drawing in anyone heading that way. Within a few paces, they’d realise, as Joe did now, that they were heading in the wrong direction. He was several minutes further away from home now…[Read more]

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    Their form was still a shadowy dot on the horizon. We were at least three miles closer now, but still, no shape, no clear semblance of sympathetic life. Except the occasional spark of brilliant light whizzing up above the group, before stillness settled again.
    I paused and leant forward with my rucksack as support to try to make sense of the…[Read more]

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    Phil enjoyed a moment stretching and rolling over without quite opening his eyes. There was plenty of time to relax before the drama. If experience was consistent, Mel would be pouring over the sports pages until they dragged him out the door, Wesley would be carefully packing his bag, and flicking off Ned’s squawking alarm with a reproving…[Read more]

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    He was absorbed as he peered through the glass to watch the pendulum, swinging through its endless trajectory. He shifted closer to avoid losing sight of it as people weaved their way towards the desk at the […]

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    It had been three hours. Still Alvin lingered there, watching the flurry of activity that continued, the moment of his departure a brief drama that they all seemed to have quickly forgotten. He remembered the […]

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    He’d been out of training for so long, each inch of hard earned definition had become soft and round; from behind, his buttocks rose up like two drifting hot air balloons. He didn’t dare to glance over his […]

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    The flan was almost exquisite; hours of wondering, imagining and assiduous planning portended a masterpiece. Thoughts of how it would taste crumbling on the tongue had become a waking dream. A chance to be the […]

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    She could reach no higher than my hips, even when she stretched up her neck, searching for imagined treats with her up-curled lip. Beneath the fast sinking sun, an occasional breeze making the irises bounce […]

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    Jolene had told him that you found out a lot about what they really thought of you depending on what side of the boat they put you on – port side or star. The problem was, as he struggled along the cramped, damp-smelling corridor, he couldn’t work out which end he was at. A brief […]

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    It was one of those well known supposed survival facts that cacti had plenty of water in them. Cath eyed the cactus, the layer upon layer of impassable needles, and swallowed fruitlessly. She didn’t know exactly how long it had been since she had drank anything, but she was at the point of faintness. She […]

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    Strange, stretching, clustering cusps. Joyful untouched.

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    He had the world’s largest ears, and people took great joy in pouring all information, music, chatter and every other imaginable chaos of noise into them. Sometimes, he would nod in silent approval, the slightest sign of that weighted head tilted forward bringing a wave of excitement. Other times, he might incline his head slightly […]

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    It was the time of year when everybody deserved a gift, not just any gift, but one that was exquisitely perfect for them, as if the bearer had gazed into the shimmering soul of the receiver and been able to glimpse just what would bring that giggle of sheer joy. Every parent knew the experience […]

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    With an exuberant shriek, she had let rip, and now stood back, patting her head to flatten down the hissing strands and smiled as she admired the marbled form before her. Tall, rounded and perfectly formed amongst the silhouettes. “Crap…” She snatched a glance to the left as she heard the whispered curse. “What is […]

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    At first, Clive felt bereft as he wandered down the first hall-way, thinking to himself that for seven-fifty each, there was plenty they could have have done for the afternoon, and scratched around his trouser pocket irritably. He paused as he saw somebody fixated before one of the displays, a large, glass box with an […]

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    It wasn’t just the day to be the president, but to be presidential. He felt supremely happy as he sat down at his desk, picked up his pen and tapped on the intercom to summon his advisors. It was eleven am and there were at least five key decisions to make. And then, as he […]

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    With a flare of her skirts, Penelope shimmied down the spiral staircase, anticipating that the cascade of chinking glasses, the hum of reverberating tabla were for her moment of drama. The next clack of her stiletto on the woodwork was an extra beat, and she began to whirl, down the last few stairs and round […]

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    Jeff had spent hours composing the ultimate, the soundtrack to his life; all stored on his personal stereo so that he could revisit any moment, any mood, in an instant. Once he’d clicked save for the final time, he sank back onto a bench, peered up at the sky above, and tapped play, ready for […]

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    “You must know the origins of the words we use, au contrare, solitaire, debonair…” “No, I guess I don’t”, Caitlin shrugged, sketching a small farm-yard scene with her pencil onto the desk she sat at. “Clearly! Yet you must! Where does such a lax approach to language come from? Why do you not care for […]