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    i am a poster child for negativity. i hate everyone and everything seems stupid to me. be sober is for the fucking birds, the nexts 20 days will be awful.

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    black swan was a pretty good movie. it was a little over rated i think, but over all natalie portman for sure deserved the oscar. the lesbian scene when mila kunis is going down on natalie portman was almost more […]

  • i have had the same pair of sunglasses for over 2 years. as soon as they break i will immediately replace them. my eyes can no longer handle the sunlight, truly. i literally can not see anything in the bright […]

  • im not thinking too hard about this, my thoughts are pouring out without much consideration. earrings are superflous most of the time, they do not add or subtract to my attraction. most of the time they are gaudy […]

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    These words are boring and now I am becoming boring, these really are my thoughts l, sadly enough. Desks suck, I hate being at them, I associate them with school, none of this makes me feel better.

  • nourishment is important. i feel like if i die of anything it will for sure be malnourishment. i dont eat real food, i eat processed shit…day in and day out. its bound to catch up with me sometime. obesity, […]

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    puddle of mud, anyone remember that band? they were like a knock off of nickleback, before nickleback became a huge internet joke. they were pretty shitty to tell you the truth, not very original and not very good […]

  • heartache. heres another word that conjures up nothing but annoyance and pity for anyone whos actually used to word heartache seriously. heartache is for people who consider valentines day a holiday.

  • whats with these words anyway? this word sucks, fuck branches. ive never even seen a tree in my life, let alone a branch. what am i supposed to believe in leaves too? get the fuck outta here, trees are just a […]

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    ruby. gems do nothing for me, nor does vanity. the material world falls off my radar unless it has to do with some form of technology, i can get behind that, but diamond encrusted watches, chains, shit like..its […]

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    wearing a hood does not make you a social activist, it makes you a putz. do something, make a petition, form a rally, march on something, but retweeting pictures of fucking celebrities in hoods is not going to […]

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    what a perfect word. Blaze. It must have been invented to be coupled with marijuana references. Felling blazed, time to blazed, blazing. This is seriously all i can think of, blaze=weed, no two ways about it.

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    I don’t like the rain. Living in the desert you get used to prayers asking for water, and drought warnings on the tv while you’re sliding down your slip n slide. But the things is, I hate the rain. It’s damp […]

  • its hard to catch up with yourself. you have these grandiose ideas, these plans that you try and set into motion. mentally youre so far away from where you are physically. youre in your shitty apartment, theres […]

  • i feel myself drifting towards nothing. Honestly that has to bee my biggest fear. Amounting to nothing, never making an impact. Realizing that fact that I was born had little to no affect on the world. It stings.

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    i feel a lot of pressure with i go to this website to write something really interesting and impressive. I think thats probably an awful way to go about it. I should not be trying to impress my peers, I should be […]

  • I threw the lantern down ad it exploded. Large flames lept from the remains of the lantern and

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    I purchased a new crew neck at the shop today. I was completely boggled by the amount of people I saw at the shop. I became overwhelmed with feelings of entrapment and I almost began to hallucinate.