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    He was scared. He was nervous. He didn’t want to go home, he didn’t want to face his mother and father and his older brother after what his brother had seen him do… He had seen him kissing someone. But not just anyone. A boy. He was kissing another boy. And now, his brother was going to tell his parents and his parents were going to kill him.…[Read more]

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    Why. Why, why, why, why, why why?!

    Why was she sitting all alone in a courtroom, head buried in her hands and shoulder’s shaking with sobs. Why was this happening to her? All she wanted was to bring justice to herself. She had been VIOLATED, she was the victim!

    So why was she being punished?! It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair!

    There was…[Read more]

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    They were red and lying on the kitchen counter. Sundried tomatoes The girl smiled at her younger brother, then grabbed his hand and carefully guided it. The knife held in his hand. which was being held in hers, was stead and smooth as it chopped through the delicious fruit. The young boy licked his lips and smiled up at his older sister, who made…[Read more]

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    She slid all of her cash across the counter. It was a nice day outside, sun shining, birds chirping, a light wind… It was the perfect day. She had FINALLY saved up enough money to buy the guitar she had been looking at.

    The music shop she wanted it from was closing down, so they were having a sale. Perfect timing.

    The man at the counter…[Read more]

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    His fingers flew across the keys. His blue eyes were dead focused on the computer screen before him. He was hunched over in his black, leathery office chair. Green boxers and a loose grey t-shirt are the only clothing on his lanky and pale body. A hand through his golden-blonde hair, then down and accidentally knocking his glasses away from is…[Read more]

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    It was hot. The sun was bright, shining down on the girl who was slowly dragging herself along the deserted road. She was tired and she was hungry. Even a pepper would have sounded good to her right then—even the hottest one in the entire world. Anything was better than nothing.

    But there were no peppers, especially not even the hottest one i…[Read more]

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    The young man was sitting outside the bar, his hands in his lap and looking around with a bored expression.

    Suddenly, someone came up to him and said “Try a pepper?”

    He sighed, “How much?”

    “Oh, they’re free, just try it!”

    He grabbed one, grumbling about how outrageous people were today, and shoved the pepper into his mouth.…[Read more]