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    the nominee had no idea he had a fighting chance—less–he thoguht he’d been nominated by mistake—an undersight, perhaps. he arrived, anyway, as a courtesy to the nominators at expense of embarrasing himself. imposters syndrome is realer than recognition.

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    her life had become a circus but she was no ringmaster—-she was a jester in her own show. the clown that reacted to the pulse of what brought it joy–the people—her “people” manifest ed in the form of alcohol. and she would do tricks for it and as a result of ti. th cycle was vicious.

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    the handlebars head marks–ones that you could see–visible only to the eyes that were looking for the them. they were stained–grey– faded. she had been theough enough for it to wear off.

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    her peace was central to her everything else. she hadnt realized this in years–3 to be exact. she allowed herself to glide, hazily, through interactions, and frustrations, and habits until the time came for he to sit hwith herself—again. to see what she’d been missing. to rediscover her herness.

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    The wagon carried her secrets. she covered them with a blanket—the thick one from her grandmoters bed. though covered she feared the wind would be the secret’s revelaer—peeling the banket back with a gust. she feared

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    the wagon was heavier than expected. she loaded it to the brim with all she thouht was necessary—nmot taking into the account the fact thgat she would have to carry it all with her. what necessary immediately chagned. now she was forced with the taks of unloaded those things little by little that served les purpose

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    the hoodie she was stil lsmelled of him—that slight stench of musk and coconut oil—she inhaled the memories of the better times when this space felt safe—that space within his garment the space within him. she now inhales the m

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    the hoodie was his weapon—or so they thought. they hoodie represented all the things that were hidden that they wished that they could see. the hoodie held the secret—destroying the hoodie allows the secrets to flow.

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    The stunt didnt go as planned—-they never do. she had it all mapped out from call to response. she perfected the exchange and even considered possiblity for wild card—just not wild enough. the stunt started as practiced but ended in disaster. the end is always what gets ya.

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    the stunt she pulled on herself was the worst of them all. she was the spy and enemy target all the same. she didnt try to reconcile the difference just played the team that called for her the loudest at any given time. she pretended to have a fav, but that too was a lie. she

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    the vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong after several tests, analysis, specialists. SHe wanted to chalk it up to a broken heart as its a cause she knows to be true but hesitates as science and emotions share no worthy space.

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    the distance between where she was, where she wanted to be and where she used to be blurred. she didnt even know if there was a distance of if it all happened in the exact same spot at a different time, each time. the questioning of distance bred the questioning of progress, a question she couldnt bear to to answer

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    she was within her league even if she chose to believe otherwise. she doubted as a defense. this doubt would soften rejection and heighten what shes seen proven to be truy time and time again. it is never about you. it is always them and they always win.

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    she took the mop and began to go over and over the spot where she could see her reflection. she scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed to clear what she saw to no avail. it stared back–mockingly. she broke the mop in half deeming it unfit for the job at erasing her existence. next time she’ll use something else.

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    i’m on welfare. not a sentence i ever expected to write unless i expected to write fiction. this is not that. this is real life and in my real life i show up at a building every day from 9-5 so that i may be assisted by the system. welfare wins a fight i didnt even realize i was having.

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    she was ill-informed though she thought she knew it all. what sis dint know was that its’ all an illusion. notihng mattered. little was real. it was all a figment. she informed those around her who knew more than she that she had the information they needed. she informed wrong.

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    she made an announcement to herself that this time would be different. she tried to say it differently this time to make it stick. new method–new outcome. she changed her inflection and even her intention—for the moment. she quickly discovered how fleeting her changes was. she’d announce again tomorrow.

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    she faced the ulitmate dilemma—to leave or stay. staying would mean leaving a piece of herself behind. leaving would mean losing it all–or some, she thought. the dilemma was not in the act itself, but in what follows. the dilemma lived in the lonely, is lonely less than unhappy?

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    i’ve always dreamt of a spinning globe sitting on a desk in an office decorated with accomplishments. the globe would spin and my finger would land, and there i would be. it would be my way of life—spinning and landing. i still have this dream—i should start by purchasing the globe.

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    i miss being different. different from who i used to be, what i used to know, from everybody else. Or so I thought. I miss feeling like God shared a secret with only me and I held that secret close—I did, however walk with it–wore it like armour. you’d look at me and knew i knew something all the while remaining unsure as to what. i miss that.