• I am more selective today than I have ever been. I used to let others select me. But today it is about what I want, what suits me. I’ve become very particular about selection and I will no longer settle too much for what I want. It has to be right.

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    avoided.. hmm. something I do frequently I guess. Avoid what I don’t like to associate myself with. It is easier to be happy if sad circumstances are avoided. It is easier to be possitive if one avoids associating with negatives. sImple

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    I am so grateful for the people that are in my life today. My son and daughter of course, bring me joy every single day. I am grateful for being healthy and fit, and for having a roof over my head. I have everything I really need. I am not really missing anything in particular.

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    I am not sure what that means to be honest. First thing on my mind? What is most important in life? The people that makes life worth living, surely? Is it not time that we start valuing people more than we value things? Without precious people sharing good times and bad times