• Rowan Springle commented on the post, harm 1 year, 1 month ago

    a caduceus, interwoven snakes
    on a staff resembling a uterus,
    center of birth and pillowroom
    with walls of decadent drapery
    red and waiting to be ripped,
    waiting for the inevitable
    tear or stretch
    or stitch.

  • fuck the majority

    just, fuck ’em

    when my dad rants about the unfairness of trans and non binary athletes competing within the “common biology” of cis athletes and winning, about how testosterone is always a competitive drug and how women are just weaker than men – because cis people and strong men are the majority

    fuck ’em

  • Rowan Springle commented on the post, purity 1 year, 3 months ago

    where, exactly, does it sit?

    the kind of cleanliness that runs over your shoulders, down your hips,
    and who decided, exactly,

    why it breaks when you touch it? why it


    when you kiss it?