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    “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to welcome you to the show.” The woman on stage was dressed in black. A black that didn’t even seem to be a color, but more a deep hole to get lost in.

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    And then fate was at it’s most cunning. Trying to trip her up and watch her fall into the depths of bad decisions because he was everything she could never have. Fate always was a trickster.

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    The fisherman stepped out onto the platform. Gear all ready to go, all he had to do was wait. Waiting was the hardest part he thought. Staring into that abyss really got to him. And sometimes there was nothing and the darkness felt like it would swallow him. Catching stars for the United Galaxies to use as a power source was draining.

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    They were meant to instill fear. The brass knuckles, shining in the light. They looked tough but only from a shallow glance. They were too…perfect. He had never used them before and she knew it.

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    The sly fingered boy moved his fingers over the keys with great skill. His mother had always told him that he had piano fingers. They were long and graceful, but somehow lanky. The music was beautiful. No one in the room knew of course that it was a sham. His fingers touched the keys yes, but they made no sound. The recording was hidden in the…[Read more]

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    In the stillness of time existed thousands of worlds. All frozen. Time had stopped. No one knew why. Well…No one would have known if anyone had been conscious to think about it.