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    She manoueivered her way in the dark, stealthily and agilely, on the the tip of her toes. She knew her way around so well now, and this gave her utmost confidence. She could catch glimpses of familiar terrain through the faintly glowing dull kitchen light, and without a peep, she set forward a step-stool, climbing her way up to the cookie jar.…[Read more]

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    Her house stood alone and she had no one to call neighbours. Except, perhaps, the county prison that was skirting the horizon. She would always look that way, knowing fully well what it felt like to lose one’s freedom. She was a prisoner of her own device and she constantly longed to breakout, but deep down, she knew that the world wasn’t ready…[Read more]

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    She felt defeated…destroyed. There was nothing worse he could have said that could have made her feel more resigned. After all those years of her toiling, he took the final decision about their relationship, and for that, she would never forgive him.

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    Her life was about to transform with the decision she would make. All she wanted was to meet her daughter again. She had before her the opportunity to avenge, and all with just one push of a trigger. Her thoughts centered her surroundings, which she carefully weighed down upon, as her heart beat faster than the ticking bomb.

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    He drove his brand new car along the narrow, winding village streets with no concern about all the children playing nearby, oblivion blinding better judgement. He knew deep in his heart that his rich parents would fix any mishap, even if it meant someone’s life.

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    ‘Defective airbag confirms 10th death this year’ – the newspaper headline screamed. That was all she turned into – a statistical piece of information. He fought back tears of grief and guilt while quietly contemplating suicide. He had failed as a father.

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    He rampaged through the moonlit forest, wreaking havoc upon everything that crossed his path. He was brimming with mixed emotions – fury, profound sadness, guilt, morbid fear. When he finally reached the glades where the moon shone with its full brilliance, he stood tall with his head held high and let out a bloodcurdling howl.

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    He saw her standing naked at the shore, wet, trembling and terrified. As he got closer to her so he could help her, he realised what he had fallen into. She stole his soul, dove back into the sea head first, and her tail glistened in the sunlight. She loved being immortal.

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    She was brimming with jubilance at the thought of reuniting with her high school sweetheart. If things were different back then, they wouldn’t be married to the wrong people now. She stared longingly at a picture they last took together, day dreaming of all the in-between good years that could have been, when that same old beautiful girl who stole…[Read more]

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    She felt the mysterious shroud of sadness surrounding her grow intense each day, engulfing her very soul with every drudged breath she took. He could sense that her nubile body and vulnerable mind were more prepared than ever. That was all he was working toward, effortlessly, every single moment since she inexplicably fell in love with him. He…[Read more]

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    They heard the majestic ripples of the ocean kissing their boat. All of their unflinching gazes were fixed on the starry night sky, determined to find Dhruva – their Pole Star, the one who could lead them back home.

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    There was a time when he wanted to forget every bad memory. If he could today, he would beg for even the worst to not be erased. When Alzheimer’s eats your memories…