• sam commented on the post, interest 6 years, 10 months ago

    you look for the world
    and you hope it’s alive
    a wonder and a curious find
    a song for a makeshift utopia

    but your heart is dramatic
    because the truth is
    and you cannot see the world
    when your eyes are beyond it

  • sam commented on the post, guard 6 years, 10 months ago

    you stood like a fortress, hands folded on your chest, away from me. i wondered how far you’d go to keep it from harm, from crushing and turning it into shattered glass or the last half of a cigarette they’d stomp with their shallow feet, and i was terrified someone in this world would even dare. you always fretted i’d break it, but little do you…[Read more]

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    he bit, crushing a chunk of the apple into blotches of red on his teeth. there must have been nothing more succulent in the garden, she said, though they knew both of them couldn’t be that credible enough to say so.

    he looked around, and swallowed. if they had spent their time preparing an apology instead of finding some leaves for clothing,…[Read more]

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    “so you’re who they’ve been talking about.” a chuckle.

    “they?” he asks him, finding his statement puzzling, since they just met.

    he shakes his head at him, as if should have already known. “them. everyone. they keep talking about that one person that could make their day, could even make them look forward to the next ones.”