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    I was in my room and Caden was baking some chocolate strawberry brownies and everything was going fine until i smelled this burning smell. The smoke alarm started going off and when I went out into the living room and there was smoke everywhere. I was trying to find him, i yelled his name and finally found him. He took the brownies out and they…[Read more]

  • I am eating my spinach, ham and cheese with peanut butter and celery on the side with a fruit smoothie while someone right next to me is eating pretty unhealthy foods for lunch like marshmallow with chocolate and brown sugar sandwich, chocolate bars, soda and other really unhealthy foods

  • This morning i decided to make some bread. I didn’t know what kind to make so i asked everyone and they wanted rainbow unicorn bread. Rainbow unicorn bread is a funfetti batter then it is split into six different bowls colored all different colors then swirled into the pan. It also sometimes has a crumb topping that’s white chocolate crumbs then…[Read more]

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    I was so bored i made a whole city of towers out of legos. i made some 20 blocks high and some 10-15 blocks high. I made them out of silver blocks and flat clear pieces for the windows.

  • Tomorrow i have a super important business meeting and i need an outfit that is not to casual or not to fancy/formal. It is important to get the right outfit because it will show a little about you. if you have a too casual outfit they’ll probably think you aren’t professional and you might look weird if you are over dressed.