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    She made dough from bits of acorn flour and last fall’s mud from the edge of the small pond out by the apple orchard. Whipping it into a semblance of pie crust required quail eggs and two snails, lightly smushed. When it was finished, she filled the doughy crust with everything a young woman loved at fifteen: dog fur and paperback books with…[Read more]

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    White trails across the sky: seventeen comets. Black trails over the fence: raccoons, and more raccoons. Banking all these, a pocketful of images to eat one at a time when I am old.

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    Across the Zone of Avoidance lies another galaxy, slowly pulling us in. Passing through gas and debris and comet dust, we transform: a hundred million lifetimes from now, I will see you again, as through fractals, you and me split and mirrored, over and over.

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    She wore dignity in scraps; the single petals of daisies, the bit of ragweed that made him sneeze. The flexing branch of a golden tree, behind her head.

    And still it cloaked her, so that her steps made no sound in the forest. When Summer came upon him, yet sleeping, in the place he thought no one could find…

    She left her dignity behind,…[Read more]

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    ‘comes the mailman. He’s tapping his tambourine today. Up the walks, under trees, playing for squirrels. If he’s got a message, we’ll know. We’ll hear it in the way the tambourine shakes. But for now, nothing. Not a single thing the wind doesn’t already know.

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    The coupling lasted no more than a handful of minutes; the last shooting stars of the night drowned in purple dawn. Heidi looked up, through branches bare of leaves, at the clouds and never-ending sky, and listened as he put his trousers back on.

    “Breakfast?” he said, without reaching for her.

    “No,” she said. “I’m fine.”

    With a soft huff…[Read more]

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    The coarseness of his hair surprised. I had, I suppose, expected it to be silky. Still, I ran my palm across his shoulder, down his chest. He quivered.

    “Beautiful beast,” I said. “Do you give yourself to me?”

    He lowered his head, a noble nose touching the floor. He acquiesced. Agreed to be–


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    The sunlight made everything blurry–or maybe it was the hangover. She shouldn’t have gone out last night with Greg. She was an agent now, expected to make critical, mature, intelligent decisions. Such as not getting wasted with a co-worker on a Tuesday night.

    It had been, however, to celebrate her promotion. Stuffing her face back into the…[Read more]

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    Pit bulls huddle beneath sky rockets fallen among the pick-ups and Toyotas. Vagrants gone, food gone, puddles of oil and rain water abound. Somewhere, in an asparagus-green sky, their masters rotate in silver star-condos. A rib cage expands and contracts. Far off, in an apartment building, a girl wakes, alone, in a pile of dirty laundry. She puts…[Read more]

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    Werewolves playing billiards again at Sam’s. I hang back, watching. They’re pretty good; they’ll take you for a twenty or so. They’re not out for blood. Not like the kids in their hoodies, pretending to be sixteen. Now them, you need to watch out for. They’ll take you for everything you’ve got.

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    All that decadence, and no one to ignore it. No one to treat it with indifference, no one to walk past, as if gilded vases filled with crystal lilies were in everyone’s houses.

    Only me, and if I am the only one to see it, and no one sees me amidst it, does it even matter? Perhaps nothing matters anymore, or more likely, the things that matter…[Read more]

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    Deirdre stalled for time, brushing biscuit crumbs from her trousers. The dragon leaned its massive head closer and peered at her through one blood-red eye.

    “Answer, miss.”

    Deirdre gulped. The creature’s breath alone was like a furnace. What would its flame be like, should she answer wrong?

    “I think, sir,” she said after a moment, “that…[Read more]

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    Sly poured himself another orange juice. It tasted like morning, curtains closed, and oatmeal on the stove, bubbling up. It tasted like Callie was still here, moving about the kitchen, telling him to drink his o.j.

    It tasted like days that would never come again. He shoved it off the table and let the glass break.

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    They’ve adapted. We’re on the run, now. All our defenses turning to dust–literally. Now that the plants have turned photosynthesis into a weapon of destruction, and they’ve mobilized, we’ve nowhere to go, except to the mountains.

    Up the rocks, past deadly lichen. Avoiding murderous stunted pines. Up, up. It’s the only way to hide.

    Closer…[Read more]

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    We the educated: we are few, we are

    scissored in half by the world

    If you need a friend, look to me, look elsewhere, look

    inside. This book has arrived just in time

    sport a passage or two upon your neck for

    all the world to see

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    Each day we pray the weathered barn will fall, of its own accord and not at anyone’s hand; certainly not by ours. We watch through curtains mildewed and thick, hoping for the vibration that will tell us the boards are giving way. Some afternoon, some sweet afternoon, the barn may fall. And on that day, Diana, and all of us, will shudder with…[Read more]

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    These are days of miracles, certainly. She thinks that every day since the night she met him has been full of amazement. Even the most mundane things are full of sparkle. It’s as if a miraculous treasure chest opened, and blinded her with its contents, and now all she can see are the glittering diamonds left in his wake.

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    When the cutest of the little dragons was finished sneezing, we gathered them into a basket and apologized for all the pepper. They grinned toothy grins and spat sparks, and allowed us to carry them all the way to school. Matthew had an old bee hive; Julie had her grandma’s teeth. But we had a basket of dragons, all bright and vicious and…[Read more]

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    Dragons lie across the valley, lethargic in the heat, bellies swollen and glistening green-yellow with the eggs they protected. Above, on the valley rim, two thousand soldiers circled, watching for something else, something worse than dragons.

    At dusk, a comet blazed across the purple sky, trailing gold fire and turning from the stars to the…[Read more]

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    New terrain for us: a thousand porcelain doll arms, a hundred-million toes, cracked off like popcorn.

    Bill takes the gun, holsters it. Takes out the flamethrower.

    The smell of burning plastic hair and melting faces gags, but we’ve got to get through. She’s on the other side…