• The river just kept on going – the parts of the boat that floated swirled and spun in the turbulence and raging white of the underlying dark – the birds continued calling in the surrounding trees and the hawk stooped

  • When did she go there – down the street with the white vans blaring their horns as she sashayed into the sun – like some diva queen dancer – when was it – after the war when the boys returned and the lights came back on

  • Propsero

  • When I crossed the river it was still dark – the waters swilled around the coracle and i was forced to dip sideways to correct the craft agaist the current – i knew there was only a smal gap to make it through and the outcome was unclear – but the bard had sung for […]

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    The other – what – bit – dimension – the whole sixpendce – the id for the ego the matter for the dark – all measure and counter all light and -well, half—light?

  • – the gang – fakky had invented it – the Scheme he called it – we were to head to the centre and wait on the bottock – the old man who came by at noon every day rain or shine – one of us was to tell him that ther ewas a sale on […]

  • She did so – how can you tell weel you’e the only one who hasn’t heard -so who wally sid idries? no the word is – the word — okay so you trust the word – Oneword!

  • The oak door swung shur behind the girl – she had been shown in by the footman – not the usual ‘tweenie”’ . How are you today my dear – from behind the half moon glassess – how are your dreams?

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    We turned hard – so hard that our ass cheeks joined for a moment – that’s called hard about he leered

  • The dirty flowers on the upsolstery were pressed up against my nose as she came through the dorr – i could see her through the gap in the fabric dropping over my face like some tired burkha – I’m here I whispered – then more loudly – heree -finally I jumped – yo- yo- youu’re […]

  • weent on – for all – dressed fine in loose scarvesa nd shawls – been normal but now no fear – in aprk of green depths and sticks layin on the ground – wel devined o seer

  • Well he’s not what you woul ca bonnny — bonny well i’d say something more like a wee buit thrawn — would yoiu now – oiuphh gglor gaer went through his life with his belt on backwards =n what do yoiu meann by .. clue darl;in – dram?

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    we’re on! — the shout came back up the hill — they’ll take us all the way! — all the way eh? – I’d hoped the rain and cold had dampened her enthusiasm – but we were in for the long haul – I’m up for it – I yelled back – false enthusiasm sounding […]

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    The raincoat stuck to her bare legs as she struggled down saughiehall street against the rising wind – in her disturbed state the street signs hung disembodied in the air like alien marauders

  • When the birdf flew cackling – its wings blurred in the failing sun – small residues of pollen stirred around the tops of the heather and added to the purple hanging on the hills around – the lone walker shrugged his pack higher on his back as he crested the last hill before the valley […]

  • Parlous came the vailing- and the green was asway in the older woods – there came the swain sonn to be a knight – and so the birds sang for the old sun of the twilit wending that was to be for the company that followed

  • Old men grow old slowly – old women never – that’s what my dad said as he pinned the bugs to the board – i looked at him in the dim l;igjht of the shed where he spent most of his time – pottering as he said – escaping more like – and I wondered […]

  • The office was full of blue – coppers that is – what gives guvner says I to the boss as he sat sweating at this desk – just rolled his eyes poor old sod – couldnt help looking a the wife’s photo though – blond and lovely – just how i like em – plenty […]

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    Rimed with hoar – the tree limb runed and twisted in the currents of the ocean – moving slowly like leviathan down tides always passive but as if heartended like a breathing thing – the evocation of sailors and lonely coastal villages

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    O boy when the squirdues went over to the wopplins – all manner of durblindun came off – what shots whit wendling was wassail ! how dorbklib went the rainguns – and we all sang to the final wansul – barring all sairries