• roxana commented on the post, heels 8 years ago

    High heels. A woman’s secret weapon. Whenever she feels an incredibly strong desire for something, she’ll put that weapon to use.
    And for some women, the desire’s strong EVERY SINGLE DAY. And that’s when the men are in danger.

  • roxana commented on the post, wondered 8 years ago

    I looked at him and wondered. Was he the one? Was he that one person who’d fulfill me in whole?

    Wondering was all I idid, instead of biting the bullet and kissing him.

    I shouldn’t have wondered. I should have kissed him.

  • roxana commented on the post, example 8 years ago

    As an example: I took drugs last night, feel so rough now, and thus I set an example not to do it.

  • roxana commented on the post, final 8 years ago

    The final countdown can be anywhere:
    the final few seconds before a rocket shoots up in the air,
    the final few moments before the orgasm,
    the final few experiences before death.

  • roxana commented on the post, specific 8 years ago

    There’s a specific interest in any personal thing one does: you will never do something, wkithout being able to present a specific, egomanic reason.

  • roxana commented on the post, mango 8 years ago

    She looked at the mango in her hand, twisted it a few times in her palm and then gave it to the little boy standing in front of her. “But, mam!”, he chirped “Mam, you shouldn’t give me food! You might need it yourself!” But the woman just smiled gently, touched the little boy’s cheek […]

  • roxana commented on the post, outlet 8 years, 1 month ago

    Outlet – where the damaged or unwanted branded goods go. Is it here? Am I in an outlet? Am I damaged goods? Am I unwanted? I believe I am, in this world of perfect Marco Polo’s and Hilfiger’s, I am the vest without a button, the trousers ripped below the knee, the dress without hem […]

  • roxana commented on the post, sage 8 years, 1 month ago

    sage. Years ago, in my music class, we used to have to sing a song: Paisley, sage, rosemary and thyme… I could never quite figure out the second word, but now I can.
    Maybe I blanked it out, because I hated that time. I never