• lapseofgravity commented on the post, sill 5 years, 9 months ago

    narrow edges of light in the summer sun
    prints on the frost, noses and whiskers
    don’t close the curtains, let that sunshine in

  • sharp patterns cut in crowds
    black sticks, black belts, blackened eyes
    turning the tide of the ocean
    beating back the sea
    pouring away the rain in a drought

  • lapseofgravity commented on the post, carbon 7 years, 1 month ago

    dark scraping brushing over
    waxy transparent paper
    afterimages and shades
    the slight jutting of engravings
    the depressions of age

  • lapseofgravity commented on the post, misty 7 years, 2 months ago

    tips of mountain tops
    corners of your eyes
    redheads in denim shorts
    and the mornings on foggy isles

  • lapseofgravity commented on the post, banks 7 years, 2 months ago

    wide edges of water spray
    and sharp turns cut across a glittering lake
    the zig zag of predictability, the stuttering slop of control

  • vague ink smudges on coral-coloured satin
    my breath against your ear, echoing
    shells and caskets, casings discarded
    secret messages inside bottles for you to find

  • make myself paper-thin, weightless
    transparent and fading in the light
    be still, quiet, soft as the edges
    of sunshine filtered through the
    lace and frayed curtain edges

  • lapseofgravity commented on the post, crisp 7 years, 9 months ago

    crackling under the press of my fingers
    two snaps through the air
    pieces of an evergreen, fallen
    branches of pine needles in the morning air

  • the time it takes from me to you
    is the echo of my thoughts of love
    rattling in the cage of my chest
    and spat out with urgency
    that makes me grab for the words you give
    the laughter and startle of a call
    the space of a moment over borders

  • twenty days my heart beats quiet under the skin i’ve been branded
    holding close the promise of you coming to stroke it alive
    another winter come and passes empty arms and eyes
    twenty days
    twenty days
    twenty days

  • darkness between the slotted glances of
    the ladies in their bodices, and the
    darting eyes of cautious men, armed to the teeth
    a whisper of wind, travelling between them
    caressing through their hair

  • lapseofgravity commented on the post, trade 8 years, 1 month ago

    I have something, here, right here, curled in the palm of a weather-worn hand
    I’ll give it to you, without question, for the contents of your heart
    There’s a good chap, pour it out for me

  • this perilous thing, shells inside of shells
    awareness of a husk in the center of the forest
    no one around to listen
    but if you’re alone
    are you lingering imagination, are you real at all?

  • lapseofgravity commented on the post, chance 8 years, 1 month ago

    there’s a gap in the floor of my heart
    widening as I stare at you
    but then there’s you, at the end of my reach
    and when I lean, lean over,
    I soar away

  • keeping order, piles of paper
    holder of secrets and the first face you see
    quietly attending
    tell your stories to me

  • lapseofgravity commented on the post, force 8 years, 1 month ago

    you hold it in you young one
    something wrapping around your soul
    like the sudden thought of greatness
    keep it near when you’re weak
    grasping for control in the midst of a nightmare
    in the middle of a daydream

  • lapseofgravity commented on the post, silk 8 years, 1 month ago

    every word, a drop of champagne
    spiderwebbed over your thighs
    catching at the prick of a roughened tone
    and caught in the hazy curtain of my eyes

  • would you pull me up or leave me dropping through the depths of an endless tank sightless and cold with the prickling sensation of de-evolved eyes would you let me drift among the tentacles of a grasping darkness where my heart is empty with the sound of my blood freezing would you let me sink […]

  • you’re killing me with this touch
    fingers wrapped and tightening
    glinting teeth, and laughter (laughing, so much laughing)
    killing me with a smile, with a sigh
    with the prick of your nails, scratching my thigh.

  • lead me across the way where the diamond trails of sky do gather
    shortened tomes of knowledge, and a compass of new spring
    flip pages and soaring, deep into the underground
    another breath of adventure written into the seams